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The people have spoken, and want to know what God Mode is like.

To elaborate (in case anyone is hitting this post without reading the rest of them about Warp, although you probably should go do that first) after finishing the arduous journey of Warp you get a password customized for the username you played the game with.

>SAY “Pity this lonely monster manunkind not elhljoazfe”

Oh, hello! Are you God?


Okay, God, if you’re so smart, tell me what word follows “GO”?


Well, hot damn, you ARE God!

This is kind of like playing an Inform game in debug mode.

Newsstand. [Room 98, locale 0]
A large stand covered with hundreds of different newspapers and magazines stands before you. Further north, you can see a dark and forboding passage; there is a vast open space to the southeast.

I can see the following:
Newsstand, 4 Wpls, which contains:
a Magazine
a Newspaper
News Vendor, 120 Wpls

Typing HELP gives an expanded list of commands. Some are pretty general:

>help find

FIND allows you to locate any item in the game and get a brief description of where it is without suffering through all of the information listed by the REPORT command.

>help goto

The GOTO command allows you to move immediately to a specific room. The format is GOTO , where the room number is in the range of 1 to the maximum number of rooms allowed. You can find out which rooms are associated with which room numbers by using the LIST ROOMS command. It is also possible to goto the location of a specific object. The syntax for this command is GOTO .

One is quite randomly specific, although it’s interesting to see how the “customized randomness” in the endgame is made:

>help pitroom

The PITROOM command allows you to predict where the pit in the endgame will appear. Which “Corridor of Vines” room it will be found in is determined by the first two characters of your user name.

I tried using FIND on an object that “didn’t exist” yet.


Location is Limbo.

I tried teleporting around.

>list rooms 458

Engine Room. [Room 458, locale 0]

>goto 458

Engine Room. [Room 458, locale 0]
This room is obviously the engine room, as there are two rather large diesels occupying nearly all of the aft region. Most of the decor here is early steel, with numerous pipes, vents, valves, and gauges scattered about. I believe you’ve gone about as far below decks as you can go, as the massive steel-plate flooring upon which you stand offers no opening to go down any further. There is, however, a steel ladder leading up through a hole in the ceiling.

I can see the following:
Cannister, 999 Wpls
Engine, 9999 Wpls
Starter Switch, 0 Wpls

I tried listing the entire dictionary of verbs.

18 Affix 18 Attach 10 Attack 32 Bite 29 Board
49 Break 14 Burn 21 Check 33 Chew 34 Chomp
5 Climb 7 Close 18 Connect 2 Cram 48 Crush
43 Cut 27 Depress 10 Destroy 37 Detach 36 Devour
37 Disconnect 42 Don 2 Dorp 13 Drink 2 Drop
31 Eat 11 Enter 10 Extinguish 18 Fasten 39 Fill
30 Find 27 Flip 22 Gaze 3 Get 4 Give
18 Glue 5 Go 3 Grab 50 Hit 1 Hoist
14 Ignite 21 Inspect 45 Jump 51 Kick 10 Kill
30 Kiss 45 Leap 54 Lick 14 Light 30 Locate
28 Lock 23 Look 20 Lower 35 Munch 10 Murder
6 Open 18 Paste 45 Peel 38 Pet 40 Play
29 Pour 27 Press 52 Punch 27 Push 2 Put
1 Raise 26 Read 47 Register 44 Remove 99 Report
46 Revolve 29 Ride 46 Rotate 38 Rub 5 Run
15 Save 58 Scribble 41 Shoot 24 Shut 13 Sit
25 Slam 43 Slice 30 Smooch 10 Snuff 29 Spill
46 Spin 45 Spring 10 Stab 44 Stand 23 Stare
3 Steal 16 Step 18 Stick 16 Stomp 15 Store
2 Stuff 55 Suck 17 Swim 3 Take 2 Throw
18 Tie 46 Turn 46 Twist 26 Unlock 37 Untie
5 Walk 5 Wander 53 Wave 42 Wear 57 Write

Yes, “Dorp” is a verb. It’s a synonym for “Drop”.

I can’t think of anything I was dying to try that I haven’t been able to, but if someone wants to suggest some shenanigans in the comments, I’ll try it out.

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  1. Yes, God mode sure is a lot of fun. You can still die in many ways, but the world is much safer to explore.

    Some things I found interesting:

    You can GOTO any item or location

    You can get any item from anywhere

    You can board the bus from anywhere in the game:

    The bus driver kneels before you as you step aboard.
    The bus rattles somewhat as it carries you ahead.

    The guard will let you pass:

    *GO EAST
    The guard, recognizing your godly status, jumps to attention and salutes
    you as you pass by the desk.

    You can explore the ocean freely:

    *GO WEST
    The Warpmaster refuses to follow, saying:
    “Ain’t no way I’m following you there!”
    You walk on water …
    Ocean. [Room 250, locale 1]
    You’re at sea.

    Uranium taken.
    Deadly Warponium taken.

    You’re 100% healthy.

    Some powerful commands become available:

    Ocean. [Room 248, locale 1]
    N : Ocean. [Room 330, locale 1]
    NE: Ocean. [Room 250, locale 1]
    E : Ocean. [Room 249, locale 1]
    SE: Ocean. [Room 228, locale 1]
    S : Ocean. [Room 227, locale 1]
    SW: Ocean. [Room 226, locale 1]
    W : Ocean. [Room 247, locale 1]
    NW: At Sea. [Room 329, locale 1]

    The SET command lets you modify most of the attributes of any
    noun. This provides a convenient means of, for example, moving
    objects from place to place without physically touching them, or
    changing the point value of an object, or altering its weight or
    existance. Type SET with nothing after it to get a list of
    possible options. You can also use the SET command to alter
    the states of the various counters used in Warp. The LIST
    COUNTERS command will give you the current counter values and
    their meanings.

    WARNING: This command is VERY powerful, and, if misused, can
    abort the program! Synonymous with SET are the commands FORCE,

    Command must be followed by


    and then one or more of the following:

    LOC WT

    or command may be followed by



    ***** Secretary, number 52, entry 190 *****
    Location: Secretarial Pool. [Room 72, locale 0]
    Weight: 115
    (content limit): 100
    Power attribute: 0
    State of being: 100%, exists
    Open/closed: Open
    Not handlable; Not Lockable;

    If you get tired of playing god:

    You feel like a mortal already.

  2. Are “Wpls” a measure of weight or bulk?

    Yes, “Dorp” is a verb. It’s a synonym for “Drop”.

    I have to wonder if the people who wrote this game made this typo so often they decided to syn the command…

  3. What about teleporting to the limbo?

  4. Wpls are mainly weight – the rope will break if you try to climb it when you are overloaded. It might also be bulk, since you can’t squeeze through certain passages while overloaded.

    Limbo does not seem to be an actual place.

    It would have been really cool to put in some locations or puzzles you can only solve as God…

  5. It is cool being able to walk on water as a God. This would have come in very handy when I was mapping as a mere mortal. You can also GOTO an actual noun like GOTO Ugly.

    The wpls description would have helped the Pearl problem in the Bank Of Fog, where you are supposed to weigh objects on the Digital Scale and find the one that is the same weight as the pearl. We all did it the easy way by dropping it in the hole.

    • I’m curious about the pearl problem – why does the weight matter? I found that the bag and the clam are 5 like the pearl, but they don’t seem to help?

  6. One question I’ve been curious about that that I guess should be easy to answer using God Mode but that I haven’t seen an answer to (sorry if this has been answered somewhere and I missed it)—just how many rooms did Warp end up having in total? (At least 458, apparently, but is the Engine Room the highest-numbered room, or are there more beyond that?)

    • I’ll check when I’m at the computer that has the saved game — it’s been a while since I’ve played. I’m pretty sure it’s around 500 exactly though.

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