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Social verbs from Nine Princes in Amber   Leave a comment

To start things off in my new location, I’d like to reproduce some of the “social verbs” from Nine Princes in Amber.

Does every verb get used in a thorough fashion in the game itself? No, unfortunately, but one has to appreciate the sheer gall of a game that has PROPOSE ALLIANCE WITH ERIC as a sample command.

HOSTILE: accuse, challenge, defy, demand, deny, insult, refuse, reject, shout, snarl, spit, sneer, threaten, yell

FRIENDLY: ally, bargain, calm, compliment, enlist, flatter, greet, help, join, hug, negotiate, offer, placate, support

NEUTRAL: ask, admit, beg, bluff, bribe, confess, discuss, explain, laugh, lie, mention, plan, plead, propose, say, shrug, smile, stall, surrender, talk, tell, wait, wink

RESPONSE: disagree, maybe, no, nod, ok, sure, yes

Posted March 4, 2006 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction