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Porpentine on Greenlight (and Hadean Lands update)   3 comments


A new collection by Porpentine is on Greenlight and awaiting your vote.

Eczema Angel Orifice is a compilation of award-winning interactive fiction by me, Porpentine Charity Heartscape! They’ve been exhibited in museums, profiled in the NYTimes, taught in college classes nationwide, and now I’m trying to get them on Steam, truly the ultimate goal of any artform!

Just to prove trying to put interactive fiction on Steam is not a futile effort, Hadean Lands (posted back in January) has been Greenlit!

Still needing votes are:

Tin Star

Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter

The Shadow in the Cathedral

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Mainland, the first parser game on Steam   Leave a comment

Mainland had been approved on Steam Greenlight (I think due to longevity — it had been on there a while) and has just appeared on the service.


Click here to go to the Steam main page

Note that the “parser” is somewhat hybridized. You type a verb you want to use and the initial letters you type are used to generate suggestions that you can click (essentially like texting).


However, to finalize picking a verb you have to click, you can’t just type. The space bar does nothing.


After clicking a noun, there’s an option to continue using “with” or to simply enter the command.

Despite the oddities, this is good news for followers of commercial interactive fiction. Steam opens a vast new audience for text adventures. The game is free-to-play and should gather curious people that might normally not buy it.

At the time of this writing there’s a weird bug that makes the game hard to install. If you have the Steam service installed, clicking here should do the trick. (NOTE: The game is Windows-only.)

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Tin Star is on Steam Greenlight   Leave a comment

Not long ago three text adventures appeared on Steam Greenlight. They still need your votes, but there’s a new *ahem* sheriff in town:


Tin Star is one of the very best choice-based interactive fiction games I have played. If you have a Steam account and care about the future of commercial interactive fiction, go vote for it!

Link to play a demo of Tin Star online

Link to vote for Tin Star on Steam Greenlight


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