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Stealth Releases of the IF-Archive   3 comments

David Kinder has posted about recent releases to the IF archive, and as usual there’s a bunch of games I never heard of and I suspect may have had no announcement at all.

The Musician, by Phillip Skains.
Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure, Interactive Propaganda by Anonymous.
Housekey, Part I, by Arien Holthuizen
The Care and Feeding of Adjuncts, by Eric Remy
The Airport, an interactive waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting… by Cascadian_Patriot.
Somewhere, an Interactive Poem by Kazuki Mishima.
Sporkery 1: There Will Be Sporking, by David Hughes.
Teacher Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins.

I know some of these titles the authors might have considered not for the general public, but this many works just slipping by is a bit ridiculous.

Posted March 21, 2008 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

Gun Mute   Leave a comment

The author of Snowblind Aces has a new “IF shoot-’em-up”.

 Link to story at

Posted March 12, 2008 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

XYZZY Awards 2nd round voting deadline tomorrow   Leave a comment

Just a note that Thursday, March 6th is the deadline for second-round voting for the XYZZY Award finalists.

Posted March 5, 2008 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction