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Recent Interactive Fiction and Text Adventure News   2 comments

Sorry, I have been snowed under by work / personal things – I hope to get back to posting soon!

In the meantime:

  • The 2018 IF Competition (24 years running now) happened, and you can view the results here.
  • Cragne Manor: An Anchorhead Tribute organized by Ryan Veeder and Jenni Polodna is a giant multi-author text adventure tribute (I’ve lost track but it’s something like 50 people?) and is now in its final testing phase. I’m guessing a release this year?
  • AdventureX (the adventure game convention in the UK) happened and one of the games was Over the Alps, which explicitly takes inspiration “from fellow UK company inkle, and particularly from their interactive fiction adventure 80 Days.”
  • Choice of Games continues to release a whole mass of things. I recommend The Martian Job, a casino heist set on Mars.
  • I haven’t been able to follow visual novels that closely lately, but last week saw the release of Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream, about attempting to make it as a professional Starcraft player. “Minigames” (mini-Starcraft scenes, essentially) which focus on “actions-per-minute” speed are included.
  • I’m not sure if this counts as interactive fiction, but since Tin Man Games has done a lot in the space, I’ll post this video of Table of Tales, which is designed for Playstation VR.

  • ADD: A parser adventure game called The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer came out this month on Steam based on the books of Brian Jacques. It includes the involvement of Scott Adams (the original author of Adventureland / Pirate Adventure / etc.)
  • redwall

  • ADD: Daniel Benmergui (I Wish I Were the Moon, Fidel) has (as of today) teamed up with Annapurna Interactive (Gorogoa, Donut Country) to finish Storyteller, “a puzzle game about building stories” that won the IGF Nuovo award back in 2012.

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