All the Adventures

Wherein I play and blog about every adventure game ever made in (nearly) chronological order.

These are sorted (mostly) in the order I played the games. I think they’re all worth reading! However, if you want just a sampling …

… and are interested in long and difficult games, try reading about Zork, Warp and Time Zone.

… and want to read about games that double as lessons in design, look at The Queen of Phobos, Local Call For Death, and Empire of the Over-Mind.

… and you like obscure curiosities, try Ringen, Spelunker, and Adventure 500.


Before Adventure


Castle by Peter Langston


William Crowther’s original version of Adventure


Crowther and Woods Adventure, 350 points
Zork, original mainframe version by Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels and Dave Lebling
Adventure (366 points) by Kent Blackett, Bob Supnik and other authors
Aldebaran III by Peter Langston
Crystal Cave by Anonymous and Kevin O’Gorman


Mystery Mansion by Bill Wolpert
Stuga by Viggo Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson, Olle E Johansson
Acheton by Jon Thackray, David Seal, and Jonathan Partington
Adventureland by Scott Adams
Journey to the Center of the Earth by Greg Hassett
Pirate Adventure by Scott Adams
Treasure Hunt by Lance Micklus
The House of Seven Gables by Greg Hassett
MUD1 by Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle
Adventure II by Peter Luckett and Jack Pike
King Tut’s Tomb by Greg Hassett
Lords of Karma by Gary Bedrosian
Quest by Roger Chaffee
Adventure 430 by Don Woods
Library by Nat Howard
Adventure 501 by David Long
Adventure 448 by Dave Wallace, Dave Nebiker, Eric Albert, Les Wu and Eric Swenson


Secret Mission by Scott Adams
Mines by James L. Dean
Sorcerer’s Castle Adventure by Greg Hassett
Voodoo Castle by Alexis Adams
Philosopher’s Quest by Peter Killworth and Jonathan Mestel
The Count by Scott Adams
Local Call For Death by Robert Lafore
Eamon: Beginner’s Cave by Donald Brown
Eamon: The Lair of the Minotaur by Donald Brown
Haunted House by Robert Arnstein
Strange Odyssey by Scott Adams
Burial Ground Adventure by Joel Mick
Dog Star Adventure by Lance Micklus
Two Heads of the Coin by Robert Lafore
Spelunker by Thomas R. Mimlitch
Adventure 500 by George Richmond and Mike Preston
Mystery Fun House by Scott Adams
Journey to Atlantis by Greg Hassett
Empire of the Over-Mind by Gary Bedrosian
Adventureland Special Sampler by Scott Adams
Pyramid of Doom by Alvin Files
Adventure 550 by David Platt
Pyramid 2000 by by Robert Arnstein
Enchanted Island by Greg Hassett
The Lost Dutchman’s Gold by Teri Li
Spider Mountain Adventure by Teri Li and Bob Liddil
Atlantean Odyssey by Teri Li
Journey by Steve Baker
Goblins by Hal Antonson and Linda Stix
Battlestar by David Riggle
Ringen by Hansen, Pål-Kristian Engstad, and Per Arne Engstad
Kadath by Gary Musgrave
Bilingual Adventure by Jim Manning, Ancelme Roichel, Harley Licht, François Brault, and Thierry Gauthier
PLATO Adventure by Phil Seastrand, Dave Schoeller, and Mark Ciskey
The GROW System and ZOSC by Jeff Levinsky
Explore by Basics & Beyond
Jungle Island / Mystery Island by Aladdin Automation
Haunted House by Rich Stratton, Rich Gould and Norm Hurst


Mystery House by Roberta Williams
Quondam by Rod Underwood
Misadventure, Star Cruiser, Jailbreak by Roger M. Wilcox
Odyssey #1, Damsel in Distress by Joel Mick and Jeffrey M. Richter
CIA Adventure by Hugh Lampert
Ghost Town by Scott Adams
Marooned by Kim Watt
Zork I by Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Dave Lebling and Bruce Daniels
Haunt by John Laird
Wizard and the Princess by Ken and Roberta Williams
Dante’s Inferno by Gerard Bernor
Nellan is Thirsty by Furman H. Smith
Mystery Mansion by Greg Hassett
Temple of the Sun by Jack Powers
Gargoyle Castle by Kit Domenico
Reality Ends by William F. Denman, Jr.
Trek Adventure by Bob Retelle
Death Dreadnaught by Biff Mutt and Spud Mutt (Robert and Richard Arnstein)
Cavern of Riches by John O’Hare
The Great Pyramid by John O’Hare
Haunted Mansion by John O’Hare
Savage Island Part 1 by Scott Adams
Mount St. Helens by Victor Albino
In Search Of… Dr. Livingston by Carl Russell, Karen Russell, Ralph Fullerton, and Becky Fullerton
ADV.CAVES by Anonymous
Deathmaze 5000 by Frank Corr, Jr.
Lost Ship Adventure by Charles Forsythe
Deathship by Rodger Olsen
World’s Edge by Greg Hassett
Mission: Asteroid by Ken and Roberta Williams
Mad Scientist by Thomas Hamlin III
Escape From Mars by Rodger Olsen
Lugi by Jay Wilson and Paul Kienitz
Will ‘O the Wisp by Mark Capella
Oldorf’s Revenge by Butch Greathouse and Garry Rheinhardt
Dracula Avontuur by Ronald van Woensel
House of Thirty Gables by Bill Miller
Labyrinth by William F. Denman, Jr. and Frank Corr, Jr.
Kidnapped by Peter Kirsch
Six Micro Stories by Robert Lafore
The Prisoner by David Mullich
City Adventure by Software Innovations
Warp by Rob Lucke and Bill Frolik
Curse of the Sasquatch by Greg Hassett
Devil’s Palace by Greg Hassett
Pyramid by Rodger Olsen
Dragon Quest Adventure by Charles Forsythe
Odyssey #2, Treasure Island by Joel Mick and James Taranto
His Majesty’s Ship ‘Impetuous’ by Robert Lafore
Vampire Castle by Mike Bassman
Odyssey #3, Journey Through Time by Joel Mick and James Taranto
Nuclear Sub by Bob Retelle
Space Traveller, Nuclear Submarine, India Palace by Roger M. Wilcox
The Vial of Doom by Roger M. Wilcox
The Poseidon Adventure by Roger M. Wilcox
G.F.S. Sorceress by Gary Bedrosian
Deadly Dungeon by Don and Freda Boner
Castlequest by Michael Holtzman and Mark Kershenblatt
Galactic Hitchhiker by A. Knight
Medieval Adventure by Hugh Lampert and Mike Greenholz
Adventure in Ancient Jerusalem by Warren Melnick
The Tarturian by Butch Greathouse and Garry Rheinhardt
Mighty Mormar by Lance Micklus and Charlie Bartlett


Planet of Death by Richard Turner and Chris Thornton
Inca Curse by Charles Cecil and Richard Turner
Hezarin by Steve Tinney, Alex Shipp and Jon Thackray
Kaves of Karkhan by Level-10
Alkemstone by Gene Carr
The Secret of Flagstone Manor by Brian J. Betts
Adventure in Murkle by Graeme Moad
Zork II by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling
Miser by Mary Jean Winter
Alien Egg by Robert Zdybel
Savage Island Part 2 by Scott Adams and Russ Wetmore
Birth of the Phoenix by Paul Berker
Adventure in Time by Paul Berker
The Chambers of Xenobia by Steven Sacks
Race for Midnight by Steven Sacks
Frankenstein Adventure by John R. Olsen Jr.
Asylum by William F. Denman, Jr. and Frank Corr, Jr
The City of Alzan by Trevor Toms
Thunder Road Adventure by Don and Freda Boner
Irvin Kaputz by Anonymous
Escape from Colditz by Stuart Wilkinson
Oo-Topos by Michael Berlyn
Stoneville Manor by Randy Jensen
Atom Adventures by Acornsoft
Raaka-Tu by Robert Arnstein
Arabian Adventure by Peter Kirsch
Interstellar War by Roger M. Wilcox
Alien Adventure by Thomas Chou
It Takes a Thief by Randy Dobkin
Alien Adventure by Alan Zett
Demon’s Forge by Brian Fargo
Atom Adventure by Paul Shave
Assignment 45, A Harry Flynn Adventure by Victor T. Albino
Pirate Island by Paul Shave
Mad Venture by Dale Johnson and Christine Johnson
Tower of Fear by Charles Forsythe
The Cranston Manor Adventure by Larry Ledden
The Curse of Crowley Manor by Jyym Pearson and Norm Sailer
The Sceptre of Hamloth by I. Dickinson
The 6 Keys of Tangrin by Geoff M. Phillips
Castle by Robert Zdybel
Quest / Fantasy Quest by John Wolstencroft
Cranston Manor by Larry Ledden, Harold DeWitz, and Ken Williams
Nijmegen Adventure by Wim Couwenberg and Jan Couwenberg
Timequest by William Demas
Microworld by Arti Haroutunian
The Golden Baton by Brian Howarth
The Time Machine by Brian Howarth
Circle World by Bob Anderson
In the Universe Beyond by Roger M. Wilcox
Creatures that Live in the Sun by Roger M. Wilcox
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece by Bob Davis and Ken Williams
The Troll’s Treasure by Richard Moffie
Castles of Darkness by Michael Cashen
Treasure Island Adventure by Pete Tyjewski
The Golden Voyage by William Demas and Scott Adams
Calixto Island by Ron Krebs, Stephen O’Dea, and Bob Withers
Wizard’s Gold by Atari Program Exchange
The Black Sanctum by Ron Krebs, Stephen O’Dea, and Bob Withers
The Domes of Kilgari by Alex Kreis
Ice World War by Kit Domenico
Jack the Ripper by Peter Kirsch
Revenge of Balrog by Don and Freda Boner
The Fortress at Times-End by Don and Freda Boner
Palace in Thunderland by Dale Johnson and Ken Rose
The Staff “Slake” by Roger M. Wilcox
Escape from Traam by Jyym Pearson and Norm Sailer
Tanker Train by Roger M. Wilcox
Forbidden Planet by William Demas
Crime Adventure by Neil Bradley
Max’s Adventure by Max Manowski
Wizard’s Revenge by Max Manowski
Creature Venture by Butch Greathouse and Garry Rheinhardt
Medieval Space Warrior by Roger M. Wilcox
Gold by Hilderbay Ltd
Earthquake San Francisco 1906 by Jyym Pearson and Norm Sailer
Dragons of Hong Kong by Robert Lafore
Sleazy Adventure by Bob Smith
Around the World in Eighty Days by Peter Kirsch
Madness and the Minotaur by Tom Rosenbaum
Forbidden City by William Demas
King of the Jungle by Roger M. Wilcox
Jungle Adventure, Part I: The Elephant’s Graveyard by John R. Olsen
Mummy’s Curse by Butch Greathouse and Garry Rheinhardt
Arctic Adventure by Harry McCracken
Black Hole Adventure by Softside
Saigon: The Final Days by Jyym Pearson, Robyn Pearson, and Norm Sailer
Arrow of Death Part 1 by Brian Howarth
Sultan’s Palace by Dennis Koble
Chinese Puzzle by Dennis Koble
The Institute by Jyym Pearson, Robyn Pearson, Norm Sailer, and Rick Incrocci
Miner’s Adventure by Bruce Hansen
Burglar’s Adventure by Bruce Hansen
The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Bob Chappell
Trash Island Trilogy by Roger M. Wilcox
Softporn Adventure by Chuck Benton
Cyborg by Michael Berlyn
Planet of the Robots by Daniel Tobias
Quest by Doug Urquhart, Keith Sheppard and Jerry McCarthy
Inferno by The Software Emporium


Death Satellite by A & F Software
Zodiac by A & F Software
007: Aqua Base by Scott Morgan
Time Zone by Roberta Williams
Windsloe Mansion Adventure by David Steenson
Smurk by Daniel Tobias
Lucifer’s Realm by Jyym Pearson, Robyn Pearson, Norm Sailer, and Rick Incrocci
Castle Fantasy by Matthew Stepka
Adventure (Program Power) by J. Spilsbury
Deadline by Marc Blank
Hog Jowl Mansion by Jon J. Waples
Hamil by Johnathan R. Partington
Mines of Saturn / Return to Earth by Chris Evans
The Blade of Blackpoole by Tim Wilson
The Hermit’s Secret by Dian Girard
The Room by Paul Raymer
Space Gorn by Anthony Chiang
Xanadu Adventure by Paul Shave
Big Bad Wolf / Moon Base Alpha / Computer Adventure by Bruce Robinson
Jack and the Beanstalk by Bruce Robinson
The Queen of Phobos by William R. Crawford and Paul Berker
Mad Monk by A. Knight
Skull Cave by Ray White
Klondike Adventure by James Bash
Adventures in Videoland by David Lubar
Colossal Adventure by Pete, Mike, and Nick Austin
‘Shaken but Not Stirred!’ / Super Spy by Richard Shepherd
The Smurf Adventure by Anonymous
Katakombs by Golem
Omotesando Adventure by ASCII
Lost Island by M. Holman
Conquest of Memory Alpha by L. L. Myers
Argonath Adventure / The Lazurite Factor / Memory Alpha by Danny Browne
Arrow of Death Part 2 by Brian Howarth
Mystery House by Tsukasa Moritani and Naoto Oyachi
Ferret by The Ferret Authors
Dungeon from An Introduction to BASIC by Andrew Colin
Devil’s Island by Apex Trading
Seek by Steven Mark Probyn
Fun House by Richard Ramella
Enchanted Cave by De Crandell and Joe Peterson
James Brand Adventure by Peter Kirsch
The Breckenridge Caper of 1798 by Stephen Cabrinety
Zork III by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling
Asylum II by William Denman
Fantasyland by Vince Sorensen
Operation: Sabotage by Ray Sato
Secret Kingdom by G. Clark
Kabul Spy by Tim Wilson
Jungle Adventure, Part II: King Solomon’s Mines by John R. Olsen
Krakit by International Publishing & Software
Followers Adventure by Roger M. Wilcox
Murdac by Johnathan R. Partington
Young Arthur’s Quest by Charles Sharp Jr.
Grandell Island by Charles Sharp Jr.
The Haunted Palace by John Bell

Out of Chronology

Quarterstaff (1987) by Scott Schmitz and Ken Updike
The Colonel’s Bequest (1989) by Roberta Williams
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1992) by Interplay
Cain’s Jawbone (1934) by Edward Powys Mathers

Rules: I do not necessarily need to play “to completion” although I will give every game a strong effort. I am allowed to use hints and walkthroughs as necessary, but only after significant personal attempt.

Posted May 31, 2011 by Jason Dyer