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My name is Jason Dyer. I live in Arizona. I have played interactive fiction since I can first remember.

I keep up the All the Adventures project where I endeavor to play and write about every adventure game ever made.

You can contact me via my gmail address (jason.b.dyer).


A tale of love and greed.

Commended in ShuffleComp 2014.

The preamble hints at something adventurous — a heist gone wrong? a boyfriend shot dead? a hastily purchased shovel? — but ultimately it’s the way the game mixes this with the ordinary and domestic that I found particularly compelling.
Rock Paper Shotgun

Renga in Four Parts

Hovering, unobtrusive
watching over
the grey-sanded beach

…it works best when the player takes seriously the author’s note:

Keep in mind that what you type is much a part of the poem as the verse.
Review by Emily Short

Posted March 4, 2006 by Jason Dyer

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  1. Greetings – I found your blog while looking up some information on the Adventure mainframe version. Way back in the 80’s I had a friend whose dad worked at an Insurance company that had a version of Adventure running on their mainframe. His dad mentioned that there was a room that contained a hobbit that if you defeated (perhaps by answering a riddle) you managed to get Sting from his mantel. After searching the internet, I cannot find confirmation of this – do you know of any version that had such a room? There was a map drawn out similar to the Zork/Adventure maps that had the room and treasure noted – supposedly after that room you needed to defeat the dragon with Sting. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. Martin

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