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I have reviewed every game from the 2007 Interactive Fiction Competition, except for An Act of Murder (which I beta tested) and Ghost of the Fireflies (which has a bug which makes it unfinishable).

I have shamelessly ripped off Dan Shiovitz’s format for sorting the reviews. (Within a category, the entries are listed in alphabetical order.)

Recommendations with a star (*) are highly subjective/personal.

Highly Recommended

The Chinese Room
A Fine Day For Reaping*
Lord Bellwater’s Secret
Lost Pig
A Matter of Importance
My Name is Jack Mills


Across the Stars
Deadline Enchanter*
In The Mind Of The Master
Ferrous Ring*
Fox, Fowl and Feed
Gathered In Darkness*
The Lost Dimension*
My Mind’s Mishmash
Orevore Courier
Slap That Fish

Not Recommended

Adventure XT
Eduard the Seminarist
The Immortal
Jealousy Duel X
Press [Escape] to Save
Reconciling Mother
Vampyre Cross

Note: these are recommended based on the competition versions. A couple of the games could be bumped up the list with polished post-competition versions (most notably Packrat and My Mind’s Mishmash).

Posted November 16, 2007 by Jason Dyer

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