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Yeah, I earned that exclamation mark. I was also right that finishing the game involved a pretty simple final action. I had given the Warpmaster a credit card but had trouble getting anything to happen, until:

>tell warpmaster “charge it”

The Warpmaster gives you a big smile, and proceeds to take out from under the counter a small charge card receipt printer. He skillfully places the card in the holder, and runs the handle across its face. He looks up at you and says,

“Just for our records, you know …
There! Snoitalutargnoc! You may now proceed!”

With a sweep of his arm, all about you vanishes.

This paved the way for

Mount of Enlightenment.
The air is filled with the heavenly singing of the muses praising those who have reached true enlightenment. Sunlight streams upon the summit in golden rays, bathing all they touch in a glorious golden glow. As others have before, you have reached the final goal of the Land of Warp. The power to control the entire world is within your grasp.

“Snoitalutargnoc,” exclaims the Warpmaster. “You have successfully completed all of the puzzles set before you, and are ready to gain True Enlightenment! By saying the following phrase, you will be endowed with much deserved godly powers:

Pity this lonely monster manunkind not elhljoazfe

Respond THIS IS GOD and NADS to the questions. I suggest you try it out. Amaze yourself! Amaze your friends!”

(This codeword is apparently customized for the username you play the game with.)

With that, the Warpmaster waves his arms, and everything about you begins to fade and disappear, leaving you in a worldless void …

Your endgame score after 347 commands (4 hours and 47 minutes of playing)
would be 100 out of a possible 100.
>>>>> WON COMPLETELY!!! <<<<<

Winning the game unlocks God Mode. Neat!

I’ve already put most of my general conclusions in prior posts (not being quite sure I’d even get to this point) so I don’t have too much to add. If you just read my posts you may want to go back and see the epic comment threads it took to get here. Thanks to anyone who has contributed to solving or even just made a general comment on any of my posts — the feeling of being part of a community is what helps keep me going on games like this.

In case you’re curious what’s left for 1980, there are 13 games:

Dragon-Quest Adventure by Charles Forsythe
Treasure Island, Journey Through Time by James Taranto and Joel Mick
Space Traveller, India Palace, Poseidon Adventure and Vial of Doom by Roger M. Wilcox
Devil’s Palace by Greg Hassett
G.F.S. Sorceress by Gary Bedrosian
Nuclear Submarine Adventure, Pyramid, Vampire Castle by Aardvark Software
His Majesty’s Ship “Impetuous” by Robert LaFore

I don’t know if I’ll make it before the end of 2019, but I’ll have fun trying.

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  1. Congrats. It has been an ardous journey!!

  2. Yes, quite an accomplishment. I really wonder how many others have finished Warp? I think God mode is a really cool reward. It really shows how amazing Warp is – you can now check your maps for accuracy using SHOW LINKS, easily teleport anywhere in the game, get any object at any time, etc.

    • I am there too. Thanks to all. It has been one hell of a ride and a lot of fun. To my fellow Gods I hope to play along with another one in the near future. Now if FisK could just be found…..

  3. I don’t suppose that, after all the pain you’ve been through, I could tempt you to do one last Warp post, about what God Mode does for you? It would be really interesting to see — and maybe would give you an opportunity to stretch out and properly luxuriate in your achievement.

  4. Incredibly well done. Snoitalutargnoc indeed.

    I’d be curious to know your thoughts on how this game’s difficulty compares to Quondam’s.

    • Quondam is harder.

      The red herrings here are all “straight”. Quondam, on the other hand, is actively deceptive on a meta-level (with things like the save game feature killing you and the key where the UNLOCK verb not existing implies you’re supposed to WIND with it).

      I’d even say Philosopher’s Quest was a smidge harder (the trick with the shop at the start of that game, for instance); this is pretty comparable to Acheton, though.

      • I would agree. In general the Topologika games are somewhat harder with the possible exception of Sangraal. Hezarin, which I hope to play along with next year when Jason tackles it, is a real bitch.

        I am in for an operation today (fortunately minus the mad doctor) but I will add a comment here explaining my experiences with God Mode later.

  5. Regarding the fun level of Warp: do you think most of the fun was really due to playing it with people and not the game itself? Or does that not matter since it really is assumed you’ll be playing it in a group?

    • In a practical sense, I would not have solved some of the puzzles without help, so certainly more fun in the sense of seeing more game.

      I guess what you mean is “assuming I compared a universe where I beat the game single player with the one with other people, would I have had as much fun as with the group?”

      Hum, it’s hard to say. Even when I beat a game all on my own and write it up after, it still feels like I am with a group due to the nature of blogs. The sharing and commenting are definitely fun in themselves.

      I guess assuming I had the supernatural powers to beat Warp solo I would have had as much fun, but since I did not, it feels weird to even talk about a comparison?

      Sorry for the fuzzy answer, it’s an interesting question. I think ARGs (alternate reality games) are a pretty good comparison though – you can theoretically come back and solve group puzzles on your own, but it feels much different than tackling the same challenge en masse, so there’s definitely some magic missing.

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