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I have made tiny progress based on Russell Karlberg noticing that there were two-identical looking rooms matching with the maze I was trudging through. You enter it through a “Globe Room” and I tested all possible maze exits (NE, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE) and found that going southeast led to that special room. Then it was just a matter of realizing I could go back northwest to a new location:

Globe Room.
You find yourself in a round, cup-shaped room. In the center of the room you see a man-sized hole in the floor, while to the east there is a cylindrical corridor leading slightly upward through the rock. On the floor, at roughly 45 degree intervals around the perimeter of the room, you note what appear to be small arrows chiseled into the rock, pointing outward from the center of the room.

Additional passageways have opened.


Montazuma’s Revenge.
The room about you is one of many constructed hundreds of years ago by the Great Ancients of Praw. The walls are unmarked rock, with exits leading in all directions. There is also a large hole in the ceiling (out of reach), and another in the floor.


Dark Woods of Error.
You find yourself in a dark and lonely wood. The passage from whence you came is lost, and before you in the distance you can see the godly summit of True Enlightenment.

I can see the following:
Ticket Plaza

Behind the plaza window you see the Warpmaster.

Looking at the plaza yields the amusement park graphic on the top of the post.

You would think it’d be easy from here, and maybe it is? I have a credit card and can hand it to the Warpmaster

>give card to warpmaster

Card given to Warpmaster.

The Warpmaster quickly inspects your Card and nods somewhat approvingly.
He says, “What am I to do with this?”

but I can’t otherwise get a ticket. I must be right at the end, because my endgame score is now 99 out of 100.

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  1. Nice! That is not small progress – I think that is the final puzzle now. You have to say something to the WM… to pay the entrance fee…

  2. Very cool! I wonder how many people have completed Warp? I think it’s a very small number…

    • Post is scheduled for early morning.

      It’s pretty obscure — it was mentioned in very few sources when I started (I hit upon it randomly on the Empire telnet server) and the fact it is combined with being long and hard and only recently available for offline play probably makes the number small.

      Thanks for all your help! Feel free to stick around, while none of the 1980 games will be quite as brutal to get through, I’ve got Hezarin coming up soon-ish for 1981.

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