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Robert Arnstein returns, who we know and love as the author of Haunted House.

In my survey of modifications to Adventure, I didn’t mention reskinning which adds a new coat of paint, so to speak, to an old game. For example, replacing all the dragons in Skyrim with Thomas the Tank Engine, or replacing fantasy trappings with an Egyptian theme.

Instead of entrances being blocked by debris, they are blocked by sand. Instead of a pirate stealing treasure, it’s a mummy.

The atmosphere isn’t bad; many rooms that were nondescript piles of rocks now have titles like “Chamber of Osiris” and “Room of Bes”. The snake is chased off by you throwing a bird god statue which comes to life.

There are no magic words. The place that was “Y2” now has a panel that you can “read” and it will move you to the entrance. READ PANEL will move you back again.

The tight entrance leading to an emerald the size of a plover’s egg is in, but the portion that had the “dark room” is out (hence, no marginally unfair magic word puzzle).

The bean stalk that needs to be watered is in, but there’s nothing past it other than treasure.

It was an challenge in 1979 to port Adventure to home machines (pulled off by Gordon Letwin and released commercially as Microsoft Adventure, but the programming was allegedly very complex). Pyramid 2000 takes a different route of simplifying things down, which would seen cheap and reductive with the original game; the reskin allows it to omit and remix freely without feeling awkwardly cut.

Keep in mind for many this was their first exposure to Adventure. It attained enough love from TRS-80 owners at the time that there is an extensive fan page and also a virtual reality remaster on Steam.

Yes, you read that right. It runs on the Vive and Oculus Rift. It’s still in early access. This is a screen shot. (UPDATE NOTE: the game is “finished” and out of early access.)

In any case, this isn’t a difficult game, so I’d only recommend trying it if you’re curious what it feels like to have a fantasy game be modified with an Egyptian motif.

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  1. We have to bring back the “2000” suffix to mark things as futuristic and cool.

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