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This is the Paul Panks C64 game. It’s another RPG with some IF stylings. I played it using VICE.

An end to the plain is here. ‘Whoa is me!’ you moan. ‘Had I a Commodore Amiga, I’d be able to explore many lands further hence!’

Whenever you examine an object in the game, you are prompted to INSERT SIDE TWO at which point you need to do a file swap (or flip the disk over if you really are using a two-sided floppy on a C64). Then you are provided the object description, at which point the game prompts you to INSERT SIDE ONE to switch back again.

This happens every time you examine an object.

In the first location of significance I entered, I found the objects: scimitar, shield, Golden Dragon, Merlin the Wizard, and Angsword. I could take the scimitar, shield, and Angsword. If I examined the Dragon it yelled at me about how the scimitar was his, but he didn’t do anything threatening and I never had to fight him.

You could talk to Merlin, but ‘talk merlin’ doesn’t work. As the game explains, you have to type ‘talk@ merlin’. Finding the @ symbol required some hunting but apparently VICE will turn [ symbols into @ symbols. So I started chatting.

The Golden Dragon growls,’Take your filth elsewhere, human! This is my lake!’
Merlin says,’I am waiting for the day that young Arthur comes and releases the sword from the stone!’
I do not hear much else in reply.

This ‘I do not hear much else in reply’ response occured with every topic I picked. The golden dragon and Merlin also repeated the same lines.

I wandered and fought some wolves. I discovered that an effect of a more powerful weapon (in addition to hitting harder) is to boost the enemy HP based on the strength of the weapon. With the Angsword it was from 100 to 2000, with the scimitar it was from 100 to 740. The wolves killed me so I restarted and tried again.

Shortly afterwards my throat got dry and I died of thirst. (Both in the same turn.)

I restarted and decided to attack a villager.

The villager attacks:
The villager massacred you into small fragments.
You died.
You feel light as a feather.

Posted October 16, 2007 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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