IFComp 2007: The Lost Dimension   2 comments

Note: this game is Windows-only.

Review after the jump.

It can fully healed your hit-points and increasing your maximum hit point!!

I’m not going to comment on the prose (see above).

I’m not going to comment on the plot (excuse to dump player on island with monsters).

I will comment on the interface and RPG elements, upon which the author lavished the most attention.

The Interface

We’ve suffered under some terrible interfaces over the years in the IF Comp, but oddly enough this one isn’t too bad. It won’t win any color-scheme-of-the-year awards and there are parts that can use definite streamlining (occasionally the main window would hide behind any other windows open, requiring a click) but it was refreshing to be able to (for example) simply click one’s way down the list of items in a room to examine each one in turn. (Ok, in a non-RPG context this might be bad, plus it was abused a couple times when a certain exit had to be examined.) I liked clicking to move around, and almost missed it when I reached my next large-map-but-typing game.

RPG Elements

I have mixed feelings here. A good CRPG will force decisions on the player so that some approaches will fail and some will succeed. This did apply (mostly in needing to run away from some encounters until one picked up stronger weapons, and using healing items in a sparingly enough fashion) but once the right monster was picked winning was a matter of clicking the Attack button until the beast succumbed.

I did manage to defeat the final (optional) boss, but doing so required a lot of hoarding. (Tip: save your machine gun/M16 ammo/grenade/fire spell for the end.) This justified my packrat strategy, but it also meant someone who used resources (like they are generally supposed to in a good CRPG) had to settle for the “lesser” ending.

Oh yes, and there are puzzles. They are mostly perfunctory, but they do break up the action and force the player to return to certain locations later.

Posted October 16, 2007 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

2 responses to “IFComp 2007: The Lost Dimension

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  1. Ah shoot! This means I got the lesser ending after all. I was hoping there wouldn’t be a drastic difference if I skipped the final boss. So much for that. :)

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