Brief State-of-the-Blog Update / Survey   4 comments

Emily Short recently posted a great list of ways to support interactive fiction tools and creators.

I’ve never brought up having a Patreon here nor do I intend to get one (I do have a regular day job and I am doing OK, so I’d rather your money go to some of the fine creators mentioned at the link above). Just comment and link me where you can, and that will be enough.

I do have a related question, though. I have always used the free plan for my blog. I am aware this means WordPress pushes out ads at the end of blog articles. However, in my corner of the Internet universe, nearly everyone uses an ad-blocker. There are people who don’t, so let me ask: is it worth paying a yearly fee for the no-ad option? I would just do it out of pocket.

. . .

Also, general update: I’m working on my final Haunt write-up, and then I’m going to be posting about a “lost game” that is integral to interactive fiction history and that has never been previously available on the Internet.

Posted August 21, 2018 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

4 responses to “Brief State-of-the-Blog Update / Survey

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  1. “Lost game” sounds very exciting. Looking forward to that.

    The adverts aren’t bothering me, but then I live in your ad-blocking corner of the universe. (In fact I run both Adblock Plus and Ghostery, just to be on the safe side.

  2. I run adblock also, and thus don’t have problems with intrusive ads. Intrigued about that Lost Game.

  3. I am reading the blog on my alt-browser at the moment, which doesn’t have any adblocking, and I don’t mind. Doesn’t look like they play sound or expand over the page or anything. (One of the ads is for WordPress.)

    Also, kinda salivating over that last sentence.

  4. Personally, I read you from a news feed, and from mobile, and those ads don’t bother me.

    The only way I think it could deserve to pay for it is in the case you can’t gather all you articles in the default exporter of WP to keep them for the future apocalypse.

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