IFComp 2017: From the Starting Line   6 comments

Long-time followers will note that I have reviewed multiple years of the Interactive Fiction Competition:

IFComp 2016 reviews (only 10 of them)

IFComp 2015 reviews (all entries)

IFComp 2014 reviews (all entries)

IFComp 2007 reviews (all entries)

Last year’s winner was Detectiveland by Robin Johnson.

Q: What is IFComp?

The Interactive Fiction Competition is a yearly event held since 1995 for short interactive fiction works (generally, 2 hours of playing time or less; there’s no strict rule about this, but the judges are supposed to make their rating after 2 hours). Authors can enter as many as three works. There is no entry fee.

The works are released on October 1st, and judges (anyone interested who isn’t a participant) have until November 15th to vote on them using a scale from 1 to 10. Judges must rate at least five entries for their votes to count.

Q: Is this a text adventure only thing?

It started with text adventures, but there’s no requirement, and in recent years only a little less than half of the entries had a “parser” of some sort.

Q: Are you going to write reviews again?

Some. I doubt I’ll ever have another year where I can review every entry. The numbers haven’t come out for this year yet, but there likely will be over 50 of them. I aim to review more than 10 this time.

Q: Will All the Adventures be on hold during the competition?

I’ve got something that might make a surprise appearance near the middle. IFComp will likely eat most of my writing energy, though.

Q: I’m an author! Could I ask you more about a review you wrote?

A: You can find my contact info on the About tab.

Q: I’m excited! What should I do while I wait?

This has absolutely nothing to do with IFComp, but enjoy this reading by Sam Kabo Ashwell of Sherwin Tjia’s Pick a Plot Book 2: You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse!

In all seriousness, feel free to comment to this post if you want; I’ve heard very little discussion coming up to IFComp this year, and I’m frankly wondering where everyone went. If you’re going to be a judge, what do you predict you’ll see this year? If you’re an author, post if you’re nervous, and I will find a funny cat video for you.

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  1. “Long-time followers will note that I have reviewed multiple years of the Interactive Fiction Competition:”

    Just a note that you have links to your 2007, 2014 and 2015 reviews in the top bar, but not your 2016 reviews. Maybe best would be to have a single top-bar entry for IFComp, and make it a menu with items for each year’s index page, like what I did for the “Music” entry on https://reprog.wordpress.com/

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  3. Just a note that I played through Detectiveland this weekend based on the memory jog provided by this post, and had a blast. Excellent game indeed, especially if you like the setting.

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