Spelunker Play-By-Post (IV): Slaying the Mighty Clam   26 comments


We found a rope and used it to climb a deep pit leading to a misty lake underground.

Using the nearby raft, we found a clam with a pearl in the middle of the lake.


You are in the middle of Misty Lake. A strange glow emanates from the bottom of the lake. You turn off your light and notice an enormous, bright pearl nestling inside a gigantic clam. The clam is at the bottom of the lake, in only ten feet of water.

Exploring our surroundings, we also found a room full of ice.


Mysteriously, ice forms very quickly in this chamber, encapsulating anything left there for too long. There is so much ice that you can’t even get into the room; however, you see an exit on the other side of the chamber.

We disposed of with the ice in a radical fashion via bomb-hurling…


… and then returned to the clam, for some clam-to-knife combat action.


The clam put up a fight, but we slew it in two hits, averting the danger!

(Seriously, there was danger – in my test runs of this game I only won 1 out of 8 times. The amount of damage from the knife wounds was very high this time.)

In any case, after a bit of shuffling, we have grabbed the lamp (treasure #1 out of 4!) and pearl (treasure #2 out of 4!). While nobody said so, I’m going to guess we’re interested in what’s beyond the ice room.

A magnificently decorated chamber with crystaline designs and intricate rock formations. A narrow, fast moving river flows through the hub room.

Oh no, a ghost! What do you want to do next? (Just write a comment! Anyone can join in!)

Verb list:

Current map (circles indicate places we’ve been, the arrow indicates where we are):

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26 responses to “Spelunker Play-By-Post (IV): Slaying the Mighty Clam

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  1. This life force thing is really funny. Anyway, um, maybe the ghost is a spirit, so THROW APPLE? Or something else involving an apple. Also, why is the ghost in the hub room? Shouldn’t the ghost be in the ghost room? Can’t it read a map? Can we go east or whatever from the hub room without inciting ghostly attack, or does it really have to be dealt with first? For that matter, what if we just WAIT here and see if the ghost really does anything.

  2. Not an officially entered command, but the knife isn’t doing enough damage in a combat maybe we could try USE AX?

  3. @matt, that’s a good thing to remember but just so you know the ax doesn’t work underwater so it wouldn’t have done anything to the clam.


    First, to confirm, yes you can just run by the ghost:

    As you enter this room, the first thing that you notice is a pile of golden treasures nestled into a nook on the far side. Before you take another step, a foul-smelling ogre jumps out from a hole in the side wall and rushes forward to protect his gold.

    Second, the ghost doesn’t seem to cause physical harm, but if you hang out long enough it will try to steal your stuff:

    However, it took something like 10 turns. Using the apple in various ways didn’t seem to help.

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  5. RUB LAMP?

  6. Ok, let’s try attacking the ogre with the ax, I guess. Or the knife if that doesn’t work (it feels like maybe we need some other item here but let’s see if violence solves it first). Can you back up and show us some of the other rooms also (I guess that’d be chimney room, bones room and bat room and ghost room) while we’re mulling over the ogre situation?

  7. >RUB LAMP doesn’t help with the ghost. I did discover while fiddling around the ghost can outright kill you though!

    Also, the ghost isn’t static – it runs around the various cave rooms at random; I passed by it in several different places as I was getting screen shots.

    Still, it doesn’t block you so it’s perfectly fine to run by. Let me first put through Dan’s request to see the other rooms.


    Bat room: The ceiling is all but invisible for the tens of thousands of bats sleeping there. In one corner of this room lies an old, rusted chest. As you open the chest, the bats begin to stir. Inside the chest is a king’s ransom in jewels: diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.


    Bones room: Lining the walls of this chamber are the skeletons of pirates long since dead. An ominous curse is uttered by all of the skeletons in unison, as you enter the room, and the curse shadows your travels throughout the cavern.


    Chimney room: A small, smoke filled chamber with a fire burning in a natural fireplace in the north wall. Apparently, a chimney leads far up through the rock and out of the cavern.


    Ghost room: An eerie feeling of demonic power lurks in this chamber.

    Now, let’s try using the ax on the ogre:

    ?USE AX
    ?USE AX


    Your combined power makes for a mighty adventurer! (Again, these were some lucky rolls.)

  8. TAKE GOLD, followed by returning to the bats room and trying TAKE CHEST (which I don’t expect to work but should at least be educational).

  9. I’m going to take those in reverse order, since you need to make some inventory room to fit another treasure after the gold.


    In any case, you have the gold (3 out of 4 treasures)! What do you want to do next?

  10. I forget what the light is, can we turn that on? Or light the lamp? Perhaps a light source of some kind would scare the bats away.

  11. …This seems like it *shouldn’t* work, but I feel like we’re playing D&D more than Zork right now, so USE AX. If that has no effect, USE KNIFE. If *that* has no effect, USE LIGHT; and finally, RUB LAMP.

    And has anyone tried WISH? If not, let’s try that too.

  12. The light’s been on, that’s your lantern. I can try using it though like you suggest.

    So we had a bit of drama going on. I went to the bat room, did >USE LIGHT to attempt what Dan and Voltgloss both suggested … and the ghost wandered in and took the hit instead!

    It did damage! I went ahead and kept going.


    Congrats, you have slain the might — er, spooky ghost!

    Unfortunately, nothing you tried worked on the bats. (Nor does WISH or USE LAMP.)


    I will say though you are close to the right idea — you might go back and read things over again.

  13. Ok, let’s take some time for introspection. I want to Examine my motivations. Yeah, I know I should have try this in the very first post, but…

    Motivation is very important nowadays, so let’s see how this game book handle that, at least with a very little introduction in the book.

    Ruben Aguilera Nieto
  14. (Note EXAMINE is not on the verb list.)

    You all are the adventurer. What’s *your* motivation?

  15. Hmm, can we CLOSE CHEST? Also, now that the ghost is dead, is anything different in the ghost room?

  16. CLOSE isn’t recognized, and the ghost room hasn’t changed.

  17. Can we take the fire in the chimney room? Maybe we can smoke them out. Or, hrm, we haven’t seen the topside of the chimney, have we?

  18. You can indeed get fire. You needed to drop an inventory item, though (I chose for you one someone chose to dump earlier, and dropped the tent).


    Congratulations, you can get the chest now, the last treasure of the game!

    a.) What item would you like to trade for it?

    b.) Is there anything else you wanted to do in the cave, or did you want to skedaddle for the exit afterwards?

  19. The thing about the spirits of the fruit is still pretty mysterious, isn’t it? But it’s so mysterious I don’t know what to do with it. I guess we can leave our knife behind in exchange for the chest and head to the exit.

  20. About the joke examine my motivations, I was wondering if the book set the mood for the adventure or something. If it is there any intro that could explain the motivations of the main character ;)

    Ruben Aguilera Nieto
  21. This text (which was in the first post about this) was the only setup given:

    This is an adventure fantasy series in which you become directly involved in exploration of a mysterious cavern in southwest Kentucky called Devils’ Delve. If you have never played before, you should take a guide along. The guide will read the chamber descriptions as you enter each room for the first time. He can also supply some hints and clues to help you when you are stuck. Only the guide should use the room descriptions, word lists, and the map of the caverns.

  22. How about we go to the Bones Room where the “curse” exists, and try there all the things people tried with the apple in the “spirits of the fruit” room? DROP APPLE, GIVE APPLE, RUB APPLE, CUT APPLE, BITE APPLE until something interesting happens. And RUB LAMP again in that room because I still think that will have some effect somewhere. :)

    • And also just USE APPLE, too.

    • It’s a “hidden effect”, so I’m just going to have to tell you — the effect of DROP APPLE in the bones room is to stop the CURSE from affecting you. (Normally the curse will actually drop your ability to hit monsters.)

      RUB LAMP doesn’t seem to do anything.

      (There is a line in the code involving the lamp, but I can’t quite interpret it, so I was hoping this would work!)

      In any case, did you want to try to take the bones monster out somehow, or let it live?

  23. Get any last stuff to do now; going to post the finale later today.

  24. It’s worth seeing if any of our weapons or weapon-like items have an effect on the Bones. DROP APPLE first to cancel the curse, then USE LIGHT, USE FIRE, USE AX, USE KNIFE.

    I also wonder if they can be placated with treasure (separate question whether we want to do that or not). What if we USE or DROP each of the four treasures in their room?

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