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The title here is a quote from Blakes 7, or possibly Blakes7 or Blake’s 7, depending on what reference you’re looking at (modern fan works go with Blakes 7 with no apostrophe so let’s stick with what the superfans say). And yes, a relatively obscure sci-fi TV show from 1978 is relevant to Ferret. (Prior posts on Ferret here.)

The creator, Terry Nation, described it as “The Dirty Dozen in space”; if you imagine the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars being even tinier and scrappier you can get roughly the idea. Oh, and the Bad Guys (or True Bad Guys, I suppose) are the Federation, which includes Earth, so maybe the evil-goatee-Spock parallel universe of Star Trek went terribly wrong.

Blake: I meant what I said on Goth, Avon. We are not going to use Star One to rule the Federation, we are going to destroy it.
Avon: I never doubted that. I never doubted your fanaticism. As far as I’m concerned you can destroy whatever you like. You can stir up a thousand revolutions. You can wade in blood up to your armpits. Oh, and you can lead the rabble to victory — whatever that may mean. Just so long as there’s an end to it. When Star One is gone, it is finished, Blake. And I want it finished! I want it over and done with, I want to be free!

So what happened is I had innocently posted my maps of the mysterious phase 14 section just after Satan’s Bumhole (with one error I have now fixed — Jenna was repeated twice).

While I have seen some Dr. Who from that era, Blakes 7 had passed me by, and so I did not spot that the location names in the first map matched up quite closely with proper nouns from the Blakesiverse. Just to make a proper list out of it:

Avon, Blake, Cally, Jenny, Soolin, Tarrant, Travis, Vila, Dayna, Gan, Servalan, Zen, Orac, Scorpio, Slave

The “sarcophagus” from last time is at Blake, which I’ll re-quote in case it is relevant:

The sarcophagus glisters and sparkles in a most tremendous way. You are bedazzled and, not to a small degree, hypnotised by the beauty of the object. Strange that such wonder should be associated with the morbidity of death. Any road up, you may be interested in the inscription on the side of the gaudy object which reads:
The Most Exulted
The Highmost
The Leader of Freed Men
The Champion of the Underdog
The Most Betrayed of All
Put to Death this Day
By Federation Termination Order
May his Magnificence Rest in Peace

To the south of this is another roughly similar grid (with some rooms missing) where a convoluted route was needed to open various exits and get to the end.

In the version I originally played, the objective (a plum ticket) was already sitting there; in the most recent update, there is much more description:

Archive of Angst
Cramped, poorly lit, smelly hovel. This room appears to have been partitioned from a previously larger room as, incongruously, there is a brass plate set off-centre in one wall. The plate features a grille under which is an engraved instruction. Sprayed across one wall is a graffito that reads: “Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be”.

This configuration raised suspicions that a “teleport bracelet” from earlier in the game is relevant. (It initially gets described as having hieroglyphics, although examining the bracelet later shows no description.) Teleport bracelets are a big part of the original show, and the suggestion of stating a destination makes it likely the idea is to a.) wear the bracelet while standing at the Archive of Angst and b.) state the correct destination. I have no idea what this destination would be. It could be some sort of encoded thing (see the numerical message at Blake) or it could be some sort of Blakes 7 trivia, in which case I might want to just run through a big list of proper names of planets and the like to see what happens.

The odd thing about all this is it seems terribly unlikely the teleport bracelet business happens at all in the original just-find-the-ticket version of the game. Since I do technically have a way through, and others have watched more episodes than I have, I toss this riddle out to my readership with the hope someone can break through. To keep things organized, these clues from elsewhere in the game might also be relevant:

Yo, ya kno’ that Graham geezer and his massive number. Well, like, X is the spot an’ it’s the last free digits, dig it?

Blap, blap. This is fierce. Y, oh Y, does the posse go mental when I jive some symbols at ’em? All I said was “pi and mash”.

It appears that a builder from some distant time in the past (the language appears to be ancient estuarine) has left his calculations inscribed for posterity on the wall.

Wifdf = AX
Hiftf = BY
Lemff = 9782C310

In the meantime, I still have a ticket to find amongst phases 9-14, and I was given the fairly explicit hint that it was to be found near an vinyl block, which was also going to be useful.

So I set to work combing over every phase and every loose thread we’ve ever had. And dear reader, I failed. I revealed nothing, despite re-checking:

– the house with the ghost (phase 9)
– the gate with the spheroid (phase 9)
– the ticket office with the keypad (phase 10) including trying every 7-digit combo possible, since one combo reveals a tan block and maybe I thought an vinyl block would come out, no dice
– the cave of despair/graveyard that seems to be a dead end (phase 11)

You are in a small room with concrete walls that appear immensely strong as rusty reinforcing bars are visible in various places. The room is gloomily illuminated by a dim light entering though a hole in the roof. The east wall of the room is formed from a mound of rubble.
There is an emblem on one wall.
Partially buried in the floor is a juvenile’s skeleton.
There is a rubber ball here
There is a rigid pvc hoop here
There is a birch cane here
There is a weathered satchel here

– the giant Mastermind puzzle set-up in phase 12, and the book that comes out of it
– the ticket office at phase 13 (other ticket offices are blown up, and I had some explosives, so I tried to use them)

The game manages one bit of meta for clues in terms of useful locations. The SCORE can only go up in places that are useful to visit, or at least don’t go to dead ends.

-> n
Station Platform
You are standing on a station platform. Set high on the north wall is a sign.
There is a locomotive waiting on the tracks to the south.
Exits: NS– ——– —
Score increment of 5 points.

The game is guaranteed to let you arrive at a full score, so, for example, the lack of score in the Sewers of Phase 9 are a hint that they are a red herring. (The Graveyard above also gives no score, but I never got absolute confirmation from the authors it was a dead end.) This turned out to be very helpful at a pier at phase 11, which appeared to have nothing remarkable but gave a healthy slice of 50 points. The room was key to getting over to the other side of the lake.

Similarly, the room with the book — just a broom closet — gives 50 points. Given the lack of room description that suggests the book itself has a secret, but I’ve been baffled ever since I’ve found it. The closest I can think of in regards to the ASCII art is it depicts the projector-falling-and-hitting-you-in-the-head from phase 15.

Any ideas? I’ll take even extreme stretches at this point. I’m still serious about my deadline; I have 14 days to complete Ferret, and I’ve gone an entire week with no progress whatsoever.

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  1. Wasn’t the hint from the authors PUT VINYL BLOCK IN BASKET? Not “acrylic block?” (I had mentioned “vinyl block” sounding adjacent, on two axes, to the “acrylic orb” from defeating the cyborg.) Or was there another, separate hint about an “acrylic block?”

    From the desk of the “we brute forced this already” department: I have figured out the use of the radio (the one with a display, that talks about being waterproofed). It’s how we are intended to navigate the Holloways water maze and reach the Pylon of Xepherous. If you bring the radio there and LOOK AT DISPLAY while you’re in the Holloways areas, it shows an ASCII graphic of a round(-ish) circle with one piece missing. Follow the missing pieces and it leads you straight to the Pylon.

  2. I’ve not really been following along that closely as huge games like this, that seem to have been developed over decades, aren’t really my sort of thing. The Blake’s 7 reference did catch my attention, though. I can’t see anything obvious, but it does seem a little odd that Liberator, the original ship, wasn’t one of the locations.

    I’m guessing the Graham reference is a reference to Graham’s number, the massive number named after Ronald Graham… more well known in the early 1980s, especially to schoolkids I think, thanks to its inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. It seems like the last three digits are 387.

  3. Considering there’s Blake’s sarcophagus, I’d first try as destination Gauda Prime (the location of the last episode of the series, where Blake assumedly dies).

    • It does not “work” for me. I tried so many Blake’s 7 related “destinations” that I doubt that is the way forward.

      I am thnking that maybe the Archive of Angst in the way we see it now is just another red herring, and that there is some clue that we are missing on how to properly (no trial and erroring) get from Zone of the Zombies to Archive of Angst, and that if we do that properly, the Archive of Angst will present itself in another way.

  4. Huh. If not for that jaunt SE from Straits of Hades, it almost looks like your route through the second 3×5 block was tracing out a 7 for Blakes 7.

  5. I don’t know if your room connections here are as messed up as mine (playing v10.21), but perhaps there is a clue to be found in the weirdness.

    Also, this is the “brute-forced” script I use to go from Zone of the Zombies to Archive of Angst:

    • I have noted that “cataract” is a reference to waterfall, of which there has been several recently.

      The 3×2 section room names could possibly be considered synonyms of things/locations in Blake’s 7, but this has been another dead end for me. Perhaps I could try harder, but it feels I am putting a lot of energy into a lot of things where there is little promise of any reward.

      All in all I am afraid that I have (momentarily?) run out of momentum in Ferret.

  6. I am starting to suspect the way forward has to involve our having successfully solved and escaped the Phase 10 Theater. The Ferret authors specifically called out the pads puzzle there as one of the progress avenues available to us; and yet we haven’t actually realized any benefit yet from having done so. Sure, the PVC bomb and key got us to the Phase 11 Graveyard, but we haven’t done anything useful there (it still feels to me like a “quantum echo” but that could be wrong!) and haven’t gotten anything useful yet from the “answer sheet.” And yes, there’s always the possibility that the fruit borne from the Theater effort won’t pay off until Phase 16… but if that’s so, why would we be pointed in that direction as one of the avenues for moving forward? When all the other nudges were for more immediately near-term accomplishment?

    • Huh, true. I assumed the upshot was the explosive got used elsewhere; I should really do a blitz where I test that everywhere. But the answer sheet feels weird for a red herring (even the red herrings have had solutions, just sometimes they have led to nothing).

    • As someone who’s just watching, the one thing I can think is that given this area it would make sense for the poet from the answer sheet to be “Blake,” but I can’t reverse engineer any of the answers.

  7. Hi everyone! The authors dropped another hint email, and I’m just going to paste the whole thing rather than do any interpretation:

    Ignore Blake’s 7. Any references (including the teleport bracelet) are triggers in preparation for Phase 16 (they seem to have worked too well).

    Here’s a very subtle clue: look at something to look at, twice.

    Less subtle –

    You have ascertained that the cradle is very sensitive to weight. You have also found that the granite spheroid is well suited to the task (the engraving GOPWC is the clue – Guild of Professional Window Cleaners). This indicates that the Office Building is a self-contained puzzle. All that you need to get the ticket is contained within the building.

    There is a map to get to the Archive Of Angst (which is why we didn’t want it brute-forced). On that map is the answer to the grille question (added to overcome the brute-force as you know). How to find the map? How do you view transparencies that are too feint to be viewed in normal light? You need to construct a projector. As far as we can tell you have found all the necessary ingredients.

    Hope you can start making progress again

    • Wait wait wait

      Are they saying the fifth ticket is in Phase 15? The office building? I thought they previously hinted all the tickets were in Phases 9 to *14*? This clarification definitely changes things!

      Also “constructing” a projector suggests maybe that the homicidal projector in the office building is yet another wooden door.

      • One other hint: the orb from the cyborg is part of what gets used in constructing a projector

        Anyway, since you’re carrying _nothing_ to that floor, and they were very specific a vinyl block goes in the basket, where is the block?

      • got confirmation — the fifth ticket is at 15

      • Since the osmium cube, the ebony pebble, the sticks of chalk and charcoal, and the driftwood branch were not included in older versions of the game, I’ve been assuming they’re all red herrings and can be ignored. The 3 vinyl items (cup, beaker, spoon) can all be placed inside the basket, together or separately, and, when the basket is then placed in the depression, they result in a shallow pool in the basket. I would think the means to make the vinyl block lie in this somehow, but have so far been unable to figure out a way to do so. I wonder if the “look at something to look at, twice” clue pertains specifically to this?

      • I’ve been assuming the cube/pebble/etc. are red herrings also, for the same reason; *but* given the complications that were revised into the game for the puce ticket, I have to wonder if maybe instead the puzzle here was similarly revised into something more complex that does in fact involve one or more of those objects.

        At least knowing that it’s not a “bring the right items from outside” puzzle significantly helps to narrow the solution space.

  8. dunno if it’s just a reference or if it can help any, but the people on the “good” office floor are all from The Goon Show


    • Ha! I’d always wondered if there was another text adventure with a reference to The Goon Show in it. (One of my own games has Spike, Peter and Harry in it). I came to The Goon Show almost thirty-years too late… but got really obsessed with it. And nobody else my age understood Goon Show references in the 90s. ;)

  9. Really suspicious of the book. We need no items for the building but we can still bring info, and it does sort of look like either a window or someone getting bonked in the head via projector. Voice password maybe?

    • book breakthrough!

      I went ahead and figured that the text had to be mangled from the water damage, so it was a “missing letter” puzzle. The title on the bottom is

      *IN***EN E********UR



      • did some of the naive stuff — took the book back to the broom closet and did

        say 1984
        say orwell
        say george orwell
        say WAR IS PEACE

        with no effect, and also tried a couple rooms in the floor we’re stuck on just for kicks

        No luck

        I’m guessing this is another phase 16 thing, wrf

      • It’s worth noting the letters on the top of the book page, in order, appear in the name GEORGE ORWELL (except that the spacing doesn’t appear to be quite right with the placement of the W.)

      • The copyright notice (1987) at the bottom right also jumps out at me.

      • Brilliant deduction! …which leaves me intrigued by the 1987 copyright date, which is manifestly inaccurate, perhaps meaningfully so.

        Googling 1984 characters, one is named “Ampleforth.” We’ve seen that name before, on the glossy voucher that is otherwise a bunch of sex jokes. Could be relevant?

        Also man Googling book covers for past publications of 1984 is a *trip*.

      • guessing if you’re looking for which edition it is (and it isn’t just depicted from the imagination of the authors), it is supposed to be this one

      • a bit more info:


        This text first published by Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd in the Complete Works of George Orwell series 1987″

      • Fantastic work with the book!

  10. Breakthrough!

    Apparently an office in an office block. There is a corridor to the west.
    Hanging from the ceiling in front of the north wall is a projector screen.
    Next to the projector screen are two cords, one long and one short.
    Exits: —W ——– —
    -> i
    You are carrying:
    a wire chip basket
    -> tie short cord to basket
    The cord is tied to the wire basket.
    -> w
    Your attachment to the cord prevents your egress from the room.
    It does however activate the projector screen mechanism which appears to be
    faulty as its initial movement is to fall rapidly to the floor accompanied
    by a loud screeching noise. The screeching changes to a series of clicks
    followed by what sounds like cogs and belts engaging. Achingly slowly
    the screen retracts and then disappears into the ceiling. At the end of its
    travel the projector screen emits a rather unpleasant and expensive graunching
    sound. The removal of the projector screen has revealed a wall safe.

    [I *swear* I tried tying the short cord to things in the past. But I guess not the basket, which is the only item that works. Or maybe I typed “tie basket to short cord,” which does NOT work and gets no interesting response from the game.]

    • wow!

      btw, one quick question … you say on the proper floor the window thing stays. But I have had it going up, and I plunge to death trying to get back on. Is there something special you’re doing that I’m missing?

      • About the cradle, I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but for me it always stayed at the Milligan floor and always went back up at the Bluebottle floor. (It strikes me now that I haven’t tried “dumping” things in the cradle before leaving it.) Interesting if we could find the pattern for this.
        IIRC I also found that while in the cradle I could refer to cradle, floor, stairs and ladder but I didn’t get further from that.

    • Now the problem is [ubj gb rfpncr Zvyyvtna, rvgure ivn qbbef be ivn abg yrggvat gur jvaqbj pyrnavat penqyr yrnir. Naq V fjrne V bapr unq gur penqyr *abg* yrnir ba zr, ohg vafgrnq fgvpx nebhaq naq nyybj zr gb rfpncr, ohg V’z qnzarq vs V xabj jung V qvq gb znxr gung unccra!]

    • btw, the safe is already unlocked, no need to do anything


    • Great!
      I definitely tried both holding the cords and tying things to them, I think most things “were not possible” and some things have a stranger “error” that “it might have unforeseen results” (or similar).

  11. Hah, our comments crossed

    I know it happened once, that the cradle stayed for me. But I don’t know what I did to cause that to happen. It could even have been a past version bug, for all I know. That said, I *have* discovered that you can PUT IN CRADLE while standing inside the cradle location, and they go into a “container” that somehow makes their weight not count. This… feels buggy and not intended, and it definitely isn’t what I did the one time the cradle stayed. But with changes to the game over time, who knows??

    • creuncf gur penqyr bayl jbexf K ahzore bs gvzrf

      znlor lbh unq n gvzr jurer lbh grfgrq vg, cvgpurq jung lbh jrer pneelvat, naq gura gevrq vg ntnva?

      • I found my save where the cradle stayed at the Milligan floor. I have no idea why it did. This is a few versions back so it’s quite possible a bug was the cause. The inventory I used to get to Milligan at the time was: gold key, fur, black cylinder, linen, charger mat, puce transparency, lime ticket, lemon ticket, leather wallet, chunky bracelet, fruit bowl, silver obol, rectangle of mica, book, and printed flier (from the warehouse). I don’t see any reason why any of those particular items would make the cradle stay in place – especially when, apparently, it’s perfectly fine to use the granite spheroid to make the trip. I didn’t do anything unusual that I know of with that save; I didn’t even leave the items in the cradle (it just mysteriously stayed in place).

      • Hmm. Is that the only time it stayed? The only thing I can think of is the process with the cage messed up the cradle, but that doesn’t make sense if that effect only appeared once.

      • Yep, just on that one save.

      • I am AFK but I think I may have posted earlier what I used to reach the Milligan floor if you want to compare (from memory I think it was mirror, reticule (empty), spanner and one other item that I cannot remember at the moment). I am pretty sure that also on version 10.21 the cradle always stayed for me with this

      • I checked just in case something got messed up akin to the waterfall activating in a later phase by pushing a button in an earlier one. I took a save file from right at the start of phase 10 and took the train all the way to 15 and then went directly to the window washer place. Still going splat.

        (ADD: tested from start of phase 9, before even exiting the train there — (a silver key, a photographic flashgun, an iron ring, a toy robot) works — again going splat.)

        K, do you have an exact set of steps that works on your file?

      • Still AFK but I can post more detailed information in ≈5 hours.

      • This takes me from the locomotive cab by Sunningdale station, to Milligan, and back again:
        get rubber charger mat;get long duralium spanner
        get gaudy mirror;get dirty reticule
        drop rubber charger mat;drop long duralium spanner
        drop gaudy mirror;drop dirty reticule

        I have tried many variations of items for reaching different floors. I have never reached any floors other than 4 (Bluebottle) and 5 (Milligan). I can not recall the cradle ever having left me on floor 5 and conversely I can not recall the cradle ever staying on floor 4 after I have exited it. But still I have only tried a small number of all the possible combinations.

        My score at the start of this script is 1410.

  12. What’s your turn count at the start of the script?

    (I am slightly worried that the “ancient mechanism” of the window cleaner cradle might fail if you have spent *too many turns* to get to this point. Like, across the whole game.)

    • Wurf, that would be wild. This still feels like a bug to me.

      I don’t have the reticule (somehow pitched it somewhere) but otherwise the sequence doesn’t change anything for me.

      Voltgloss, if you have gotten it to work before, that means you have a save with a low enough turn count it should get there in time?

      Also, K, could you save at the start of phase 9 and give your file? That would be a fast way to test if it really is something in one file compared to another.

      (The diagnosis thing? That doesn’t make sense Voltgloss would have it work once, though.)

      • I’ve confirmed it’s not turn count (thank goodness). My save file where the cradle always stays has the same 5000+ turns as my more recent save file where the cradle always leaves.

        My current suspicion is that save files that *were STARTED in an earlier version of the game* are somehow letting the cradle work properly (even though the game’s been updated since) – as no matter what I do with the cradle using my early saves, it stays in place at Milligan. Whereas whatever I do with my more *recent* saves, which started the game using a later update than the “original” version 10, the cradle always strands me.

        I heave a deep sigh at this conclusion, but I think to truly test this I’m going to need to replay from Phase 1 from the beginning and see what happens when a “pure” Version 10.21 save reaches the cradle.

      • I haven’t read through all new vcomments yet, but before you commit yourself to that – remember that I don’t use saves normally, this is with a scripted playthrough from the start (except a “fix” to get into deterministic mode).

      • OK, I see now that you did it and that seems to have cleared this hurdle, yay!

  13. Okay. I just played the game from scratch, a fresh restart (starting in “Normal” mode), got back to the start of Phase 9, blitzed straight to Phase 15 (using the ring + robot + flashgun + silver key combo to reach Milligan)… and the cradle DOES stay where we need it to be.

    I have yet to retrace all of our Phase 9+ steps on this new fresh save, but it does appear that starting fresh from the beginning on version 10.21 *does* in fact work as intended (assuming “the cradle waits you for at Milligan” is indeed the intended behavior).

    Assuming no other complications arise, I have to think this is a bug wrought by changing versions “mid-save?”

    • (as an aside, during this jaunt I finally found the map in Phase 7 that was the *intended* means of us finding the second helipad)

      (the key step we were missing was to [tb gb gur obggbz bs gur sver rfpncr ol gur svefg uryvcnq jvgu gur cynax, qebc gur cynax, naq gura WHZC])

      • I have made a cut at a certain place with the diamond, but I have not been able to progress further. Would appreciate some help. :)

      • 1. Bar tbbq phg qrfreirf nabgure
        2. Naq nabgure naq nabgure
        3. (Phg gur tynff sbhe gvzrf, gura CHFU TYNFF)

      • Ah, I had tried repetitions and manipulation, but not in that wise sequence combination. Thanks!

      • …and more importantly, I used the wrong verb, which still made “a deep cut” but it was not enough… :D

    • huh. I incidentally tried reverting to a very old version (the first release that has the endgame, in fact) and picked a pretty old save (from before phase 8, don’t know the exact version then) and played all the way to the phase 15, cradle moved on without me.

      I don’t have a transcript version from the start so I’m not going to try testing that.

  14. phase 16 wheeeee

    Pne Cnex
    Lbh ner fgnaqvat ba n infg gneznprq nern fheebhaqrq ol sraprf. Gur gneznp vf znexrq jvgu fgenatr juvgr fgevcrf. Gb gur fbhgu vf gur ragenapr gb n Envyjnl Fgngvba. N ynar yrnqf bss gb gur rnfg. N zrgnyyrq ebnq cebprrqf va n abegureyl qverpgvba.

    • btw, this is another “inventory reset” — you have a decently severe restriction on the amount of stuff you can carry in

      • too bulky to carry in:

        jade globe, acrylic orb, human skull, mirror, perspex rod, picnic box, flashgun, bin, casket, truck, robot, reticule, cylinder, life jacket, pvc vessel

        everything else fits, but only a small set. it is pretty clear we’ll want at least the teleport bracelet, need to play with inventory

      • I found a place where the nickel key fits, so that also seems required.

        Also found a bug: if you examine the “flesh-eating zombie” (!) the game crashes.

      • One more “too bulky” thing:
        mobile generator

        Not surprising. :D

  15. I am (semi-voluntarily) stuck at the Archive of Angst problem.

    So we should “construct a projector” and (probably? collectively?) “have found all the necessary ingredients” to view the transparencies.

    Where could we get light from? It could be an item or a location (or a mixture of items/location). The photographic flashgun seems possible but a long stretch? But “push red button” does not work anymore (maybe after leaving phase 8?).

    Could we use the acrylic orb to focus some light? No, it is opaque. Like the fruit bowl…

    Any better ideas? A “light” location? We find one transparency in phase 9 and one in phase 13, probably the location should be in phase 13 at earliest then. It does not need to be before the Archive of Angst, but should absolutely be before the “ticket barrier” in phase 16.

    • I have mainly tried combining various objects, as hinted, to no avail. Best I can do is to put things inside of other things. The fruit bowl, linen, and mirror all seem like possible parts. Don’t know what the sphere is for but it was given explicitly as part of the gizmo.

    • When going up the stairs in the phase 15 office building, the top room (before the roof) is described as “brightly lit” or similar wording. Possibly relevant?

      • Yes, I’ve been trying to do something useful with te transparencies there, but without success. After hearing that we should “construct” a projector with things we have I am less inclined to think that it is relevant.

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