TRS80GP New Version (exciting, trust me)   3 comments

So, the best TRS-80 emulator in the known universe, TRS80GP, has just received an update.

Download here

The emulator receives regular updates so this wouldn’t normally be good enough news for a post, but I want to mention some very special news.

That’s the top two options in the menu, there: save states! Yes, finally, in addition to impeccable emulator handling and fantastic visual options, save states are supported, and they work quite well with adventure games. Just in time for Asylum II! (…as soon as I can finally shoot down Ferret, which I will update on soon. Keep an eye on the comments of my last post if you want to see the meanest red herring from both sides of the Atlantic.)

Posted December 11, 2022 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction, Video Games

3 responses to “TRS80GP New Version (exciting, trust me)

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  1. Christmas has come early!!! Thank you Jason for posting this update. I still enjoy your posts and enthusiasm for what you do. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday

  2. Congrats! This is going to make future TRS-80 adventures much more tractable. Which is good, as I imagine there are a lot of them, still. It always amazed me that it didn’t have save state support.

    Good luck with Ferret! It continues to be a one-of-a-kind branch of the adventure family.

  3. I am torn between relief that the feature now exists and hope that all the TRS-80 games are behind me and I never see them again. Of course, on the latter, I know there are ALWAYS more TRS-80 games that emerge from the web.

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