June Hiatus   5 comments

I was planning on taking two weeks off anyway, but there have been many … things … going on lately, such that now is a good time to take a rest.

I still may work on a few posts but I’ll schedule them for the start of July and we can kick back into gear. In the meantime, The Adventure Gamer just started on Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Nathan Manhey has started on Haunt, and Ahab at Data Driven Gamer has dissected the 1982 game The Hobbit. (I haven’t read the latter because I don’t want spoilers, but a brief eyeballing indicates he gets into specifics on how the game’s mechanics work.)

Also, Narrascope is currently in progress and there’s already lots of great videos to watch, including Graham Nelson on developments in Inform 7 and a keynote by Xalavier Nelson Jr. (of the fantastic Hypnospace Outlaw).

Stay safe, everyone!

Posted June 2, 2020 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

5 responses to “June Hiatus

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  1. Jason have a great break and recharge your batteries. There are still so many miles to cross and adventures to have! Thanks for the great reads. Meanwhile I’ll continue to methodically map these dungeon levels in Moria (Plato System) Be sure to put on some sunscreen. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go sharpen my pencil.

  2. Do you ever plan to restart your playthrough of Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (and/or the rather better sequel Judgment Rites)?

    Andrew McCarthy
    • Yes!

      I can fairly confidently say 25th Anniversary will happen within the next few months.

      I am also a big fan of Judgment Rites, and the lure will probably be irresistible, but likely 2021?

  3. Then what I read now? 😝 thanks for this I could catch up! Time to look for other reading materials.

    Rest well, you deserve it!

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