Savage Island Part 2: PSYCHOTRANSFIGURATION   6 comments

I’ve chipped away some small chunks, leaving behind a mountain of dead protagonists.

To recap from last time: I started in a metal room; then went through a force field, into a vacuum, and died.

“…Part 2, where you either become the world’s greatest hero or go to a quick, horrible death.” Via Giant Bomb.

From Savage Island Part 1, I remembered HOLD BREATH worked. It “works” here too but rather than your lungs becoming a gooey mess you are ASPHYXIATED.

After some toying around I discovered EXHALE OUT was responsive.


(The game clearly understood what I meant: why not just parse it? The same issue came up with Cavern of Riches. I can understand trying to train the player in a system to make things easier, like Adventure letting the player know they can just type W rather than GO WEST after they’ve done it enough times, but this case was just an alternate phrasing.)

I found if I did HOLD BREATH, then stepped into Vacuum and did BREATHE OUT I could survive a little longer. Four turns, to be exact. Long enough to fiddle with the console to no avail (there’s a lever that won’t budge, dials with “alien script” and a button that asks for a voice command) but also to make it to another force field only to die.

If I could only survive just a little longer, I could make it through the second force field (and presumably to non-vacuum safety).

A lot of fiddling later and I remembered something I saw 30 years ago (!!) from Kim Schuette’s Book of Adventure Games. I was flipping through the back looking at hints for a different game but saw HYPERVENTILATE on one of the pages. I clearly thought it was absurd at the time and it stuck with me, because I remembered it here. (I’m not exaggerating on the number of years!)

Possibly the text adventure record for “most impressive verb required to beat the game”.

Then when I went in the force field and tried to BREATHE OUT, I was able to survive for an extra two turns in vacuum, long enough to get through that force field I was dying at previously.

The hydroponics hide a FLOWER where typing SMELL FLOWER says “I feel briefly sedated!”

The display case has a Neanderthal (like Part 1). If you push the button a voice tells you

WARNING – Non-transfigured controller of seed specimens has been released

and the Neanderthal follows you around, says Argh, and eventually hits and kills you if you hang out long enough.

North a bit there’s another console (again with buttons, dials, and a lever). The lever won’t budge on this console either, but the button has an impressive message:

That’s pretty much it for progress.

In addition to the hydroponics area, I was able to go to a lifeboat exposed to space, and jump to, er, freedom.

“Stop, stop! He’s already dead!”

There’s one more force field with a “red blinking light” but I don’t have enough air supply to get through (if it even will let me through without dying in some new horrible way).

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  1. Is “Neathanderal” supposed to be “Neanderthal” or is this a deliberate alternate spelling?

    • That one’s my typo (although I had to load the game back up again to make sure). It can always be confusing given 1981 adventures aren’t known for great spelling on their own.

  2. Man, I played this game years ago… probably around the time it came out on a friend’s father’s computer. I could never get beyond the forcefield and for decades it haunted me. I could never find the game again nor remember the name. Thank you! Itch scratched.

  3. if the Neanderthal says “Argh!” too, maybe you can trick him into a vacuum to kill him? Why you should do such a thing I don’t know. (To search the corpse?)

  4. I’m sitting back on this one as I’ve previously spoiled myself thoroughly on this game (both installments). No regrets.

    I will note that BREATHE DEEP also works, and has the same effect as HYPERVENTILATE. This may be why the game insists on you using BREATHE OUT instead of EXHALE; because the verb BREATHE can be used with different modifiers to different effect.

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