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After an extremely long comment thread on one of my prior posts on Warp, I managed to get all the points (1216 out of 1216) and then properly stuck on the final puzzle.

I’m going to explain everything that I believe to be relevant so you can be stuck on the final puzzle, too.

Another piece of ASCII art from the game; not relevant to the final puzzle but here for spoiler space.

The way to the endgame essentially involved fussing about what is most likely a bug, and none of us playing the game (myself, Russell, and Roger) quite understand what triggers it, so I’m not going to put details here. The final result was getting a “power unit”

>look power unit

The power unit is a large, heavy metal box, roughly three feet on each side. Through a perforated metal back panel, you can glimpse large vacuum tubes and transformers inside. It has a small, square receptacle in the top, with a small, hexagonal metal stub rising slightly from the bottom of the receptacle. On the front there is a small access panel, and on the back, near the bottom, there is a large cable connector.

>look in power unit

The Power Unit contains the following:
Rocker Switch

>look at switch

It is a small rocker switch with two positions: ON and OFF.

and a “control unit”:

>look control unit

The control unit is a small, rectangular metal box, perhaps 12 inches wide and 6 inches high. Its face consists of a small hinged metal access panel. A cable connector is located on the back side of the unit. Otherwise, it is featureless.

>look in control unit

The Control Unit contains the following:
Round Depression
Knurled Knob

look at depression

The depression is about four inches in diameter and hemispherical in shape. It has been carefully machined into the control panel, just to the left of the knob and lever.

>look at knob

The knob is small and knurled for a better grip. It can be turned to several positions, clearly labeled 1 through 5.

>look at lever

The lever is short and stubby, more like a switch of some sort. It can be moved to three positions, clearly marked 0, 1/2, and 1.

Also relevant is a “printout”; you have to use up one of the treasures (a Shiny Quarter) to get it, so it’s not an item in my current save file, but the information seems important for the endgame.

This is all referring to a “Warp Room” which has been a longstanding mystery in the game.

Warp Room.
In this otherwise vacant room, you see before you a doorframe, roughly centered against a solid brick wall. Two large cables snake their way from the frame into the center of the room. The other walls of the room are completely blank, and the only apparent exit is the way you entered, back to the east.

I can see the following:
Short Cable attached to a Power Unit
Long Cable attached to a Control Unit
Power Unit
Control Unit

I do have a “framastat” and am able to attach it to the power unit as marked in Step Three of the instructions. What’s missing is Step Four (right before Step Five: Profit!)

Here’s my complete list of items:

I can see the following:
Name Badge
Bag, which contains:
a Scalpel
Glass Bottle, which contains:
a quantity of Water
Treasure Chest
Short Ladder
Absolutely Nothing
Round Peg
Digital Scale
Rusty Shovel
Yellow Wrapper

While I can technically get back a treasure from the display case, Russell already indicated the treasures don’t get used here.

I can “push switch” to get a “Click. Nothing Happens.” but I have not been able to operate either the lever or the knob in the control box. >PUSH on either gives me “Doesn’t seem to work” but I don’t know if that means I have a parser issue or I need to activate something else first. I don’t know what would go in the depression; the round peg doesn’t seem to help.

Feel free to suggest actions in the comments, up to and including for setting the game on fire for having such a tough final puzzle.

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  1. Your list of items is missing one (not a treasure)… needed for step 4… not the round peg either, that is the wrong size and shape…

  2. Oh, the item needed for step 4 is found somewhere in the desert…

    • Wasn’t there a glass sphere on top of the pyramid?

      • I went and got it — doesn’t seem to do anything in the depresion, though (although it may still be the right verb is eluding me on lever and knob)

      • Oho, wait! Looks like I was testing a few different scenarios but missed one.

        push switch

        An unexpected backsurge in voltage suddenly
        vaporizes the cables!

        (I think I need to swap short and long. Working in progress.)

        (Hmm, nope. Maybe I had the cables right, but some setting on the control box is wrong which caused the backsurge. Still can’t manipulate the knob or lever, though. Given that taking the sphere out of the depression means no backsurge, I think maybe it’s supposed to go there still.)

      • What verbs have you tried so far with the knob and lever, besides PUSH? I assume TURN and MOVE haven’t borne fruit, along with constructions like TURN KNOB TO 5 or MOVE LEVER TO 0 or SET KNOB TO 3 (or AT 3).

      • verbs I have tried other than PUSH


        I got a different result that the backsurge … it seems to be entirely random it either breaks or works.

        >push switch

        There is a loud >SNAAAAP!n

        As you cross the threshold, you feel momentarily disoriented.
        Plain White Room.
        You are in a plain, white room. It is of medium size, has four barren walls, four equally barren corners, a bland floor and a rather boring ceiling.

        I can see the following:
        Square Peg

      • If you try to push the lever to a specific number, it says it doesn’t understand the name “1” or whatnot.

      • Now have reached a Zork-endgame-style trivia quiz. Explicitly disables saving saying I can’t save in the endgame. Maybe those settings were just a red herring?

  3. I am away until Monday so good luck! I will rre-enter the fray then.

  4. I’m back and just carrying on from where I left off. I had to go back and get the sphere from a reload as the hole will only take you to the Police Station from the cell weirdly. I then had to lose the lizard again as the Oracle wouldn’t appear with it in the room. Finally on to the endgame.

    The question about Deception Point is disingenuous as you can see four different views described;

    I have answered the first five questions and am currently mulling over the “Now, what type of item may be Warped?” question. So far I’ve tried everything from humour to wood without success.

  5. Yes please (what a stupid section)

  6. I tried “itself” and “themselves” and “identical” without much luck.

    • It looks like you are answering “if you take an item, what do you do to warp it” not “out of all the items, how would you describe the ones that are capable of being warped”.

      Rot13 complete spoiler: Pbagnvare

  7. I spent most of last night typing “copies” “duplicates” “matching” and endless synonyms.

  8. Odd and illogical to my mind. You can warp things which have nothing inside them as well i.e. contain nothing. Oh well.

    • Gur jbeq “pbagnvaref” urer zrnaf “bowrpgf juvpu ner pncnoyr bs pbagnvavat bgure guvatf”, engure guna “bowrpgf juvpu pheeragyl pbagnva bgure guvatf”.

  9. Thanks. The other nine questions were pretty easy Wow I wonder where they got the idea for this maze from? LOL

    • I combed through the maze after finishing; I think there’s only one item, but do let me know if you find two (I don’t think I messed anything up, but I’ve been messing a lot of things up lately).

      Still stuck on the corridor of vines. I keep hitting a room with a pit but I have no way of getting past it. Probably will blog up to my current state soon.

      Because of the lack of save games I ended up putting commands in macros so I can speed through the opening parts. (If you enter the macros just outside the magic door you can still save.)

  10. Did you manage to take the square peg with you Jason? I have registered it.

    I have not had much chance but I have now drawn out the maze and I am going to go back and restart it to see if I have messed anything up. Life gets in the way but I should have a good while this evening to have a look at the maze properly. I’ll let you know what I find.

  11. I have only found the pneq (ROT13) in the north west corner Jason. Does that correspond with your findings?

  12. Knowing this game, like you, I am always doubly cautious about missing anything. Did you take the square peg with you?

  13. Ah how did you manage it? I tried but it keeps vanishing if I take it when I enter the white room, if I take it later or if I give it to the Oracle. I register it immediately.

    • The stuff vanishes when you enter the maze, but comes back at the end.

      (this seems to be a theme — the scection I’m in also vanished my stuff but I suspect I’ll be getting it back)

  14. Ah thanks for that. I will keep going then.

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