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We’ve previously played Reality Ends by William F. Denman, Jr. and Deathmaze 5000 by Frank Corr, Jr. For Labyrinth, William and Frank teamed up to re-use the Deathmaze engine for another 3D adventure.

The movement system is identical. There’s still a torch that slowly runs out and a hunger system. Every item is still in a “box” to make it easy to represent.

Unlike Deathmaze where the goal was just to escape, here the goal is to hunt down and kill the minotaur. I ran across the minotaur rather quickly.

The P is a pit you can fall down; note also the Z which is the bottom of a pit, indicating we are starting at the middle of the maze instead of the top or bottom.

If you stay in any of the “Fog” locations for long enough eventually the ground shakes and the minotaur appears. (This is a lot like the Deathmaze monster, but the previous game didn’t have an entire chunk of the very first map marked as a danger zone.)

The maze is more confusing this time; notice the “teleport” locations. Sometimes you can take a step in one direction and find when turning around that the landscape has changed behind you. I ended up making this map past one of the teleports; notice there’s a symmetry which suggests somewhere along the line I managed to loop back to where I started.

The grapes are FOOD. I’m pretty sure it’s the same box in both places.

There’s no obvious initial sticking puzzle like the calculator from Deathmaze. Just getting to the point where I have the boundaries mapped might take a while. If you’re eager to “read ahead”, Will Moczarski covered Labyrinth last year at The Adventure Gamer.

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  1. Good luck with this one! I found this easier and more enjoyable than Deathmaze 5000 but the teleporters are definitely a drag.
    Thanks for the heads-up about Denman’s authorship of Reality Ends, too. I’d suspected as much but it’s nice to have confirmation.
    I’ll include that information in my 1981 wrap-up once I’m through The Institute.

  2. can u fart tho

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