Looking for Lost TRS-80 Game, Spaceship to Nowhere   3 comments

This is a very long shot, but I’ve posted some things before with surprising results.

In the 1981 Algray Software catalog it mentions a TRS-80 game called Spaceship to Nowhere.

The movement-with-arrow-keys and graphics make it relatively unusual for a TRS-80 game (although there are other instances). I suspect this game is lost forever. There isn’t even a company name, author name, or date, so even if someone has just heard some information in passing it would be helpful. (To be clear, the Algray catalog is selling games by a bunch of companies, so they aren’t necessarily the creators. Their address is given as in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.)

Brief update: found another Algray ad in Personal Computing, 1983. As they had a later focus on the Color Genie I was able to find more of their software. This includes a couple of names of actual people affiliated with them, like Stuart Sampson.

Posted April 1, 2019 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

3 responses to “Looking for Lost TRS-80 Game, Spaceship to Nowhere

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  1. Isn’t that from Radio Shack

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