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I’ve been managing lately to get up regular blog posts, so I hate to break momentum, but I’m going to be taking next week off. I have some work and personal things, but I also am preparing a series of posts for the week after (starting March 11th) which involves

  • a history tale starting all the way back in 1970
  • clearing up misconceptions about a very famous game
  • unearthing not just one but multiple pieces of source code thought to be lost to the ages
  • an innovation far ahead of its time
  • some really nice art

Thank you for reading! If you get a chance while I’m out, maybe share the All the Adventures project with your friends?

Posted March 1, 2019 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

2 responses to “Break, and Preview

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  1. Well, this sounds awesome! I am so glad that you, and people like the Digital Antiquarian and the CRPG Addict, are doing these things. They have real historical and sociological value, as well as being a ton of fun. Good luck with the mundane matters of the next week, and we’ll see you soon!

  2. Love it! I’m eager to read them all!

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