Spelunker Play-By-Post (III): Blowing Ourselves Up, Again   15 comments


After finding a bomb, our interpid explorer comes across a deep pit.


Our hero, with an apparent death wish, decides to blow up the bomb here, sealing off the cave and eventually dying of thirst.


Meanwhile …

With much trepidation, our hero enters the dreaded MAZE.


You lose your sense of direction because twisting passages are coming and going at all points of the compass.

Following Standard Adventurer Protocol, the adventurer drops a tent in the room in order to keep track of directions. Proceeding NORTH just goes in a loop, but proceeding EAST leads to something new!


What appears to be a petrified river bed slopes gently upward leading toward the west. It has a low, four-foot ceiling.

At this point, our adventurer decides to blow the bomb up again. Rocks rain from overhead and the cave shakes. However, the frozen river remains frozen.


What would you like to do next?

(Places we have been marked in green.)

Posted April 5, 2017 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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15 responses to “Spelunker Play-By-Post (III): Blowing Ourselves Up, Again

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  1. Wait, is the rope new? Take it, pretend we didn’t blow up the bomb, go back to the Pit Room, and USE ROPE.

  2. Going to speed things along with the maze — going west takes you back, and you’re not going to find anything interesting exploring more.

    Gonna presume you want to climb down the rope, too.


    You stand at the edge of a misty lake that stretches endlessly out before you to the north.

  3. USE RAFT, I guess?

  4. Sounds reasonable.

  5. USE RAFT requires getting it first. I dropped the WATER for you so there’d be room.


    You are in the middle of Misty Lake. A strange glow emanates from the bottom of the lake. You turn off your light and notice an enormous, bright pearl nestling inside a gigantic clam. The clam is at the bottom of the lake, in only ten feet of water.

  6. Explore everything before trying anything! N.S.W.E.

  7. N.


    A small, sandy beach on the northern edge of Misty Lake.

    To go back in the lake you need to USE RAFT again, so USE RAFT. S. W.


    You are standing on a damp, sandy shoreline with a very low passage leading off to the west. A clammy draft issues from the low-ceilinged passage.

    (Again note; you can go back east, but you would need to USE RAFT again.)

    I put you back on the lake with the clam and the pearl. What now?

  8. A *clammy* draft, eh? Let’s try going back there (USE RAFT. W, I guess), and go west.

  9. screenAB

    Mysteriously, ice forms very quickly in this chamber, encapsulating anything left there for too long. There is so much ice that you can’t even get into the room; however, you see an exit on the other side of the chamber.

    Just to be clear based on how it works on the map, going west goes back to the west side of the lake.

  10. I’d like to try using the bomb in the ice room, and using the knife on the clam to see if that’ll get us the pearl.

  11. screenAC

    (You can now go south from the ice room; the lamp is also still there.)


    Killed in two hits!

    It’s possible to be killed by the clam, you got some lucky rolls.

  12. Well, we should get the pearl and lamp (this will require some inventory-juggling I fear; maybe we can drop the rope, which we’ve used?) And sometime we should try rubbing the lamp. Maybe we should do that in the writing room?

    Also, as a request, can you kindly reproduce the verb list with the map for these posts?

  13. >TAKE LAMP
    [Congrats, you have found 1 out of 4 of the treasures!]
    [Congrats, you have found 2 out of 4 of the treasures!]


    The verb/noun combination >RUB LAMP is recognized, but in this case it had no effect.

    Unfortunately, the rope is needed to clamber back up the pit and get to this room, so I dropped the pearl again. Swap with something different?

    I will be making a new post later today likely. I will include both updated map and verb list.

  14. I guess whenever we’re going up the rope we can drop the raft, so till further notice maybe leave the raft at the bottom of the rope whenever we need to climb up it, and leave the rope at the base of the pit room when we’re exploring there.

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