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This is only a fraction of the overall map.


(3 out of 49 treasures found, no idea where to stash them!)

There’s a lot of sameness to the rooms to enough an extent I normally associate with MUDs, not single player games.

Easy Street.
You’re in the middle of a long north-south street. To the west you can see the ocean in the distance, and to the east you can see a large building.

Easy Street.
You’re in the middle of a long north-south street. The ocean is in the distance to the west, and a large building can be seen to the east.

Wall Street.
You’re in the middle of a long street, extending primarily to the north and south, but also at this point there is a side street going to the east. The ocean is in the distance to the west.

West Bridge.
This is the famous West Bridge of Warp, known primarily for no reason at all other than the fact that Warp needed a bridge and this was a convenient place to put one. The road extends to the north and south, and there is a river below running east-west.

Easy Street.
You’re at a point where a north-south street meets an east-west street. To the south you can see what looks like a large park.

In a MUD, there needs to be some space so not everyone is crowded in small spaces, and even the most neutral of rooms can build up character if events occur in them throughout inter-character interaction (Battle of the West Bridge, say). Unfortunately, Warp is a single player game. The currently roaming NPCs just aren’t that impressive yet (I keep getting followed by a mugger with “A sordid individual is following you.” being displayed, which is far less interesting than anything in Adventure or Zork.)

I did manage to solve one puzzle (getting into the Warp Building by wearing a nametag) but otherwise my gameplay has consisted entirely of mapping.

Unfortunately I’ve also had crashes. Remember I playing by logging into an HP3000 terminal and the experience is much flakier than I’d like; while I haven’t built up a game yet and am simply in the gathering info phase, if I want to be serious about attempting a win I need to work out how to get a little more stability.

I haven’t played with the new parser features much other than to try a macro.

(Define X)
=E LOOK @1
(X defined)


Round. Made of wood. Not very big.

The command above reroutes the command “X” which is normally unrecognized into “LOOK”.

One last random observation before I sign off: I’m finding the “reject a command” response grating.

This is part of the lush grounds of Warp Park.

I can see the following:
Fig Tree

>climb tree
That makes no sense.

>FLAP FLAP FLAP< I think it's hopeless.

shake tree
"Shake" is Danish to me. Try English.

This is made worse by the existence of a nearby tree that you can climb (by going up). I know authors sometimes try to be colorful in their error messages, but it is highly unlikely the reason a player’s command is unrecognized is a lack of being in English. It’s like the game is expecting the player to apologize and not the game itself.

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