IFComp 2015: Questor’s Quest   1 comment

By Mark Stahl. Not finished.


Questor’s Quest is of the Extremely Old School, with a hand-made parser and an outdoor grid-like map and a series of typical fantasy-cliche encounters (dwarf, stone titan, witch).


For a hand-made parser, it isn’t the worst I’ve seen from an IFComp entry, but it does lack things like GET as a synonym for TAKE or the ability to use the pronoun IT when referring to the last used noun.

UNDO doesn’t work but I did once reach an auto-undo upon death.

The best part I saw was in a empty house with a sword on a shelf:

COMMAND> take sword
This valuable sword was not offered to you.

You mean I *can’t* take everything that isn’t nailed down? Sacrebleu! (Seriously, I could see an entire game based around an “honor” system where you lose points if you steal too much stuff, and too low a score results in gods smiting you with lightning or some such.)

The main virtue of this sort of game would be the puzzles, but the only aspect of note I’ve found is a fake-out solution on the witch (try throwing a bucket of water at her). While I made a little progress (17 out of 100 points) I think it is fair to say this game is too long for the competition. (Perhaps Spring Thing next time, if there is a next time?)


[Image by Christian Mohr. Creative Commons attribution license.]

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