Adventureland: Being stuck when you don’t know where you’re stuck   2 comments


When people talk about being “stuck” in an adventure game, usually they mean there is some specific puzzle they can’t get by.

I’ve got exactly one puzzle I know I am stuck on.

I’m on a narrow ledge by a Throne-room
Across the chasm is another ledge. Visible items:

Very thin black bear. *MAGIC MIRROR*


Bear won’t let me

I’ve some *ROYAL HONEY* that will make the bear happy and cause him/her to fall asleep, but since the royal honey is a treasure itself that causes me to lose points.

The extra problem is, I’ve got more points missing than just one treasure worth. I don’t know where else the other treasures might be. So I am clearly “stuck” somewhere but I have no idea what I should even be doing.

The map I have so far, excluding the maze. Click the image for a PDF version.

The map I have so far, excluding the maze. Click the image for a PDF version.

Let me summarize what I’ve seen:

* It turns out there is a HELP command dynamic based on what room you’re in and it can actually be helpful sometimes; solving the puzzle would have taken me longer otherwise. For instance, there’s a sunny meadow with a sleeping dragon where HELP gives you this message:

A voice BOOOOOMS out:
There are only 3 ways to wake the Dragon!

One puzzle involving an explosion I may not have worked out without the HELP command.

* A sequence later I needed to drive away the dragon to steal its eggs. I feel somewhat bad about that. I guess the dragon is evil so that makes it ok?

* There’s a tiny maze. Scott Adams must have felt obliged to provide a maze. It took all of five minutes to map.

* There’s a room I assume is a joke

I am in the memory chip of a COMPUTER!
I must have took a wrong turn!

but at this point I suppose I need to question everything.

* If you go down from the ledge near the swamp you end up in Hell. Whoops.

* With some deaths there’s an interesting afterlife scene:


I don’t think there’s a treasure here, but given the Acheton trick I’m not going to rule it out.

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  1. Do you want a hint?

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