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“Fine. Perfectly fine.” he says shortly. He glances nervously at the monk before looking back down at his experiment. The monk stares, stony faced. It seems Galileo doesn’t want to talk in front of him.

I’m going to address this one directly to the author. Feel free to listen in, though–

Dear Orion,

I’m guessing you a fairly new to the interactive fiction scene, given you had family members do the beta testing for And yet it moves. And I do have to say I liked the initial concept (1630’s Florence, assistant to Galileo) and came in with high hopes. Unfortunately, the text is very sloppy, including basic issues like capitalization errors.

I did like the very first puzzle that involved distracting the monk: it was easy but it felt natural and both lent interest to the characters and moved the plot forward. The second puzzle, involving Galileo’s hint, was also decent, although you should of made it possible to be re-clued by talking with Galileo again. Unfortunately, every puzzle after involved “going to the correct shop to buy the correct thing” and the plot essentially fell over. I was expecting furtive and tense scenes involving fast-talking past authorities and creative smuggling techniques, but everything was flat.

Still, you’re showing a lot of promise and don’t let reviews discourage you. Practice the art of rich description and get some more help with your coding and puzzles.

Jason Dyer


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