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July 3rd: French circus ship ‘Circ Du Mer’. No casualties. Booty: half-ton impractical costumery. Three tons carnival tickets. Troupe of trained monkeys. Assured tickets good for shiny new penny-farthing if taken to Paris; costumery may be usable as fine napkins. Monkeys to be released at next landfall.

Do not be alarmed: while 1930s adventure novels includes tropes that one might call uncomfortable, this offering from Steph Cherrywell is in essence a very silly adventure romp starring a “modern woman for the Thirties!” with nothing concerning.

The game is coded in Quest and sports an automap feature. Everything should have an automap.


The main gimmick here (revealed fairly quickly) is that the PC can take on the abilities of animals as she encounters them. Unfortunately, the puzzles don’t reach what I’d call the “combinatorial sweet spot”, where the complexity of skill mixture reaches a heady peak. However, the puzzles were fun enough that I was reticent about using the walkthrough.

I did encounter some bugs. There seem to be no synonyms for nouns at all (the guidebook in the start, for instance, cannot be referred to as a “book”) and one point near the end of the game required “use” as a verb (no reasonable verb synonyms existed; I needed to consult the walkthrough).

Despite the inherent silliness (wait for the French monkeys) there are a few serious bits the author manages to pull off with flair.

dying I think

tore out all the pages for rosie
rosie I know you can’t read but if you read this feel free to use the paper

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