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This is a web-based CYOA game. It can be found online here. Review after the jump.

You slowly bring your hand toward your throbbing head. You appear to be wearing a monocle. What’s more, it appears to be surgically attached.

TIGSaga is an absurdist comedy with many authors. I am presuming it was written somewhat in the fashion of IF Whispers.

There isn’t really any gameplay to judge here. Some CYOAs attempt to funnel the reader through a plot where if they make logical choices they will be rewarded with success. However, this work is of the “random comedy” genre, so that “failing is fun” and the structure is just an excuse to describe crazy stuff happening. Also, since this is only a “prelude” the endings cut off mid-plot so there’s not much difference between winning and losing.

The writing has a colorful voice

Its baritone rasping burrows deep into your mind as you stare at the spiky letters etched into the forgiving flesh of the melon.

but the humor relies too much on in-jokes for me to recommend this to a general audience. Still, I look forward to seeing what the final version of this will be like; surrealism isn’t too bad to read when clicking is the only interaction required.

I award this game the Golden Watermelon of Discord because somehow it seems appropriate.

Posted January 4, 2008 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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