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Well, this review *was* up. I’m not sure what happened to erase it.

Anyhow, last review!

Grunk pants on fire. Grunk pants on fire. GRUNK PANTS ON FIRE!

In a thread on Emily Short’s blog the comments ruminated on IF seeming like “work”. I theorized that the #1 reason why IF can be a slog is the map-making process. Now that I’ve played Lost Pig, I’ve changed my mind.

The reason why playing IF feels like work: so many of them have poor implementation.

Lost Pig is rock-solid. I enjoyed mapping because exploration felt like I was seeing more of a world, and I could trust that the world would react to anything I tried with it appropriately.

For many of the IF games I felt like a beta-tester. I would have to wrangle with missing verbs and mentally tabulate typos. Lost Pig shines with professionalism and I never had to worry. I didn’t immediately reach for hints because I have faith that what I’m stuck on is not because of an obscure leap of logic or a bug.

Posted November 14, 2007 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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