IFComp 2007: Press [Escape] to Save   2 comments

Review follows.

This stone corrdior sets the the tone for this dimension. With oddly angled walls, verry little lighting, eery echoes, and weird writing on the walls, you feel vulnerable to the evil in this realm.

I’m not sure what genre to call this. Symbolic horror? It isn’t “experimental” like the author claims; IF have visited this territory quite a bit, perhaps *too* much.

The plot, coding, and writing are pretty erratic (see excerpt above) but the prose is readable and never delves into Rybread Celsius territory.

This is sort of the B-movie equivalent of an IF game (not the other way around) and it’s worth a check; there’s this chase scene I found strangely visceral and in the right sort of mood I can get behind dialogue like this

“Nooo! Nooo! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Give meee thaaatttt!” it screams.

but don’t expect to make much progress in the second part of the game without a walkthrough.

Posted November 4, 2007 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

2 responses to “IFComp 2007: Press [Escape] to Save

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  1. Do you think he meant that it was experimental in the traditional sense? I gathered that he meant it was an experiment for himself — to try writing IF, and get a feel for game design.

  2. The way he used the term implied the “designation of genre” sense, but I could see how that might be what he really means.

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