Unreleased Infocom Game Unearthed (from 1986)   1 comment

Adam Sommerfield just announced on Twitter that he found, amidst the directories of the Infocom Hard Drive, an unreleased game. The author is unknown.

He managed to compile the source code into a playable game. The announcement video is here, which has a download link in the video description.

It seems to be just a test game of sorts, but it is genuinely playable. (I did get a crash — probably an “authentic” one — so beware of bugs.)

Posted December 4, 2019 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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One response to “Unreleased Infocom Game Unearthed (from 1986)

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  1. “Hypochondriac”? Sounds more like “Malingerer”, from this setup.

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