IFComp 2017: Haunted P   4 comments

By Chad Rocketman. Finished (?) on desktop using Gargoyle.

I’m not sure what the intent is with entries like this.

> x me
youre a cool enby and you got a great hat and a subpar tie and some good sunglasses. dont ever take them off because then something terrible will probably happen

> i
You are carrying:
PlayerChefHat (being worn)
PlayerMirrorShades (being worn)
PlayerCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie (being worn)

> talk to bilbert
PLAYER….. a terible fate hath befallen me… a fate of SCIENCE. and MAGICK. talk to me again to get more info
> talk to bilbert
You must go inside me to heal me of my affliction. talk to me again to get more info
> talk to bilbert
don’t talk to me again or i’ll die
> talk to bilbert
oh noooooooooooooooooooo
> talk to bilbert
bilbert is dead you fool. you killed him. he’ll never come back no matter what you do

I mean, it’s funny / weird enough for the 4 minutes it lasts, I guess, and I think I reached the ending which involved entering one of Bilbert’s kidneys and doing some sort of science/magic in the secret place and healing him. And then afterwards I talked to him again and killed him again.

Questions for Discussion:

1. What is a “cool enby”?

2. You can, in fact, take off the hat, shades, and tie, and nothing terrible at all will happen. What does this mean?

3. You enter Bilbert in a “cool invincible science ship”. Is this ship, in fact, invinicible? If an invincible ship collided with another invicible ship, what would happen? Discuss.

4. Both the left and right kidneys contain the “secret place”. Does that mean the innards of Bilbert represent some sort of quantum waveform? Compare and contrast the two kidneys.

5. After healing Bilbert, you can go in and repeat the process as many times as you like; the game will not end. You can also kill Bilbert and keep repeating the process; he talks to you even though he is still dead. Does this hold special meaning?

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  1. Dunno if it means the same thing in this context, but “enby” as I usually hear it is short/phonetic for NB/nonbinary. So you aren’t a man or a woman, you’re some form of gender that doesn’t fall into the binary.

  2. #1 is addressed above, but as to the others:

    2. Bilbert wears the same hat/tie/shades combo. You cannot remove them from Bilbert. Perhaps the game’s dire warning refers to removing Bilbert’s outfit. Perhaps Bilbert’s persistent equipment with same counterbalances your efforts to remove your own. Perhaps, deep down, we are all Bilbert(s).

    3. It must be invincible to survive a trip through, to quote the game, “sooooooo much stomach acide.” When two invincible ships collide, you’re playing billiards or snooker.

    4. As I understand it, both kidneys contain *access* to the “secret place.” The “secret place,” full of “red and sorow” before your arrival, runs a “normal clear to slightly yellow” after your intervention. Seems the P that is haunted, and which you heal, is exactly what it says on the tin.

    Further, the right kidney is “identical in every way” to the left kidney; while the left kidney is the “exact, polar opposite” of the right kidney. You can’t get much clearer than that.

    5. To quote from the game once in the secret place: “type ‘heal bilbert’ to heal balbert.” All your efforts are in vain, for they serve only to heal Balbert. Bilbert, in contrast, remains doomed.

    My final rating for this game is a thin stream of P out of 10.

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