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Just as a heads up, I will be on vacation next week. I will resume IFComp reviews after then.

Posted October 7, 2017 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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  1. An off-topic question, which I hope the IF-knowledgeable readers of this blog will see.

    My sense is that Trizbort is very much the preferred mapping tool, but as far as I can see it’s Windows-only. My question is: is there a Mac port that I somehow missed? Or, failing that, does anyone know a good alternative than runs on a Mac?


    • Writing from my hotel room:

      Your best bet is ifmapper. Most recent update is from July. It uses Ruby; the preinstalled version on OSX should be fine.


      • Thank you! I’ll try it. (I’ve been using emacs to make ASCII-art maps.)

      • sigh I love Ruby as a language. But its surrounding culture and tools all seem so flaky. Nothing ever seem to Just Work. In this case:

        ringo:invoices mike$ gem install -r ifmapper
        Fetching: rake-compiler-0.7.9.gem (100%)
        Successfully installed rake-compiler-0.7.9
        Fetching: fxruby-1.6.38.gem (100%)
        Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
        ERROR:  Error installing ifmapper:
        	ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
            current directory: /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/fxruby-1.6.38/ext/fox16_c
        /usr/local/opt/ruby/bin/ruby -r ./siteconf20171010-93974-1xopob2.rb extconf.rb
        checking for fox per pkg-config... no
        checking for fxscintilla per pkg-config... no
        checking for fxscintilla on Ubuntu with missing libfxscintilla.so link... no
        checking for fxscintilla build... no
        checking for sys/time.h... yes
        checking for signal.h... yes
        checking for deflate() in -lz... yes
        checking for png_create_read_struct() in -lpng... yes
        checking for jpeg_mem_init() in -ljpeg... yes
        checking for TIFFSetErrorHandler() in -ltiff... yes
        checking for XftInit() in -lXft... yes
        checking for XShmQueryVersion() in -lXext... yes
        checking for XFindContext() in -lX11... yes
        checking for glXCreateContext() in -lGL... yes
        checking for gluNewQuadric() in -lGLU... yes
        checking for thread local variables... yes
        checking for rb_thread_call_without_gvl()... no
        checking for rb_during_gc()... no
        creating extconf.h
        creating Makefile
        current directory: /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/fxruby-1.6.38/ext/fox16_c
        make "DESTDIR=" clean
        current directory: /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/fxruby-1.6.38/ext/fox16_c
        make "DESTDIR="
        compiling FXRbApp.cpp
        In file included from FXRbApp.cpp:27:
        ./include/FXRbCommon.h:74:10: fatal error: 'fx.h' file not found
        #include "fx.h"
        1 error generated.
        make: *** [FXRbApp.o] Error 1
        make failed, exit code 2


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