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A chronology —

Day 1: I have no neck bites and a tent stake in my inventory. If I look into a mirror I see:

TODAY I look healthy…

A bell rings part of the way through the day (“DING-DONG”) at which point a postcard arrives just outside the castle.


At the end of the day after the sun sets, I fall asleep and end up in bed.

Day 2: I now have neck bites (98% sure these are guaranteed to happen), and my tent stake no longer in my inventory (“I’VE A HUNCH I’VE BEEN ROBBED!”; 50% sure this is supposed to be hidden somewhere to prevent this from happening).


A bell rings again and there’s a letter and a package.


Day 3: I awake in bed again. If the cigarettes or blood from the package were in my inventory, those are now gone (although if I have a single cigarette, that remains).


There are no new special events that I know of.

Day 4: I am a vampire! (Game over.)

I did make a bit of progress — I managed to get to a room underneath the starting room by tying a sheet to the bed. This leads to a room with a Dracula portrait that can be moved to reveal a dark tunnel. Unfortunately I have no portable source of light. If I try to light one of the cigarettes the game complains that I don’t have any matches. I’ll have to search around; my guess is there’s a secret item somewhere. Other than getting a source of light, I’m trying my best to find a hiding place for the tent stake.

The experience overall is far from anything I’ve played so far; Secret Agent had a few dramatic elements like The Count, but still was a collect-a-thon at heart; with this game it feels like the author intended a narrative where the puzzles are incidental, as opposed to designing a puzzle sequence with some narrative attached.

Posted August 1, 2016 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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