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Slasher Swamp is a gore-infused attempt at a cheesy horror movie. It uses TADS but for some insane reason is compiled for Windows-only (reminiscent of Jealousy Duel X which compiled a portable Flash file).

This is the oldest of old schools: I had to draw a map.

(Click if you want a PDF of my larger map, which may be still incomplete.)

(Click if you want a PDF of my larger map, which may be still incomplete.)

Not only that, but the map is of the large-grid-of-empty style with assorted maze-like elements.

Every once in a while there’s some grisly death (at which point UNDO is turned off, which is sort of the situation where UNDO is normally used for). Usually these deaths happen when you SEARCH something.

The psycho jumps out from behind the rose bush and begins hacking you to pieces! You try to re-attach your right leg. The madman dances.

At the point I had a mostly-complete map I reached 2 hours. There was nothing in the content that made me want to play farther. I will thus consider the death above my happy ending.

Posted October 25, 2014 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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