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Alon Karmi & Glenn Parker’s Milk Party Palace is the first choice-game I’ve seen done in Unity. It has its own clean and minimalist interface aesthetic.

The plot is mostly summarized by the clip above: the PC works at a hotel and is invited to a milk party, and needs to bring milk. The only catch is there is no milk left in the hotel refrigerator because the gallons have been given to guests, and your quest is to reclaim them from the various hotel rooms before arriving at the party in glory.

The humor is of the “let’s put the PC in uncomfortable situations” type. Unfortunately, getting milk off someone drinking glue or potentially stealing milk from a baby just didn’t work as humor. This is possibly because the ideas didn’t work to begin with, but I theorize it may be that the humor in those sections was more railroaded than participatory. Let’s take a bit I did like, from someone who thinks you’re giving a job interview:


The PC acts as a comic foil, mashing together the desire for milk with the desire for a job. Without the foil the scenes are just of slightly deranged people being deranged.

Posted October 8, 2014 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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