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A 1974 Nova Eclipse (with accessories), from the site Novas Are Forever. The site includes a fully-functional Nova emulator.

(Previous posts here, this post assumes you’ve read the previous ones.)

I managed to open up a fair amount more of the map, thanks to some hard-headed persistence and help from my commenters.

The game does a good job trying to maintain the map as a real piece of geography, and in one instance, having a good sense of it can help solve one of the puzzles. But for the first puzzle I just needed to read words correctly as opposed to horribly wrong:

You are in a brightly painted room. Each wall of the room is a different colour. The north wall is white, the east wall yellow, the south wall black and the west wall blue. There is a pile of debris in the middle of the floor.
There is a hole in the ceiling.

-> drop ladder

-> erect ladder
The ladder stands momentarily, wobbles and then falls to the ground.

The ladder is a “step ladder”. I somehow visualized it indistinctly until this moment, then I thought it was the kind with pieces of rope attached to steps, kind of like the ladder on a tree house. (That is, I thought the ladder falling down was sort of a joke.) But no — it is the regular kind of ladder you unfold that makes steps you can climb, with no rope whatsoever, and if you look at the room description it mentions the pile of debris. The wobbling is meant to be the ladder being unsteady from the debris!

You can fix this by doing DIG DEBRIS WITH SHOVEL first, which clears out enough space:

-> dig debris with shovel
You are spraying rubble everywhere.
-> erect ladder
The ladder is standing under the hole in the ceiling.
-> u
Dusty Room
You are in a very dusty room. There is a small amount of brick dust covering the floor which has a hole in it. There is a small hole in the ceiling.

The “spraying rubble” can happen even in cases where nothing useful is going on, so it is a little deceptive that way.

On the next level there was a Store Room with some tins and a tin opener, and the food is apparently, delicious? (It’s future food, it can last however long it wants.) There was also what appeared to be a dead-end corridor but I’ll get back to that.

If you look back at the “dusty room” you’ll notice a hole in the ceiling — that means you can climb the step ladder to get a bit higher. However, you have to climb the step ladder in the first place to get to the dusty room. The trick here is to tie some rope to the ladder, and then after climbing up, “pull rope” which will also bring up the ladder (which, given the ladder is so heavy no other items may be held while you’re carrying it, sounds like it’d be a workout). This fortunately didn’t take me long because in an earlier experimentation phase I tried tying to the rope to anything I could find and the only item I successfully managed to do it on was the ladder.

-> pull rope
The ladder and rope rise through the hole in the floor.

The last floor has a library with burned books and papers (always convenient so the author doesn’t need to implement any) and a locked wooden door that appears all the world to be the kind first seen in Zork where you need to slip a mat under a door and push a key in the keyhole onto it.

It doesn’t work. You here a clunk as if a key comes out but it doesn’t land on whatever you put under the door. I’ve tried quite a few different items; all of these fit (in either the keyhole or under the door) but none of them work:

paper, photograph, tin opener, stained leaflet, some labels, a slim candle, tiny box, match, charred papers

This may be an extended trick, since the game is trying to out-Zork Zork. You can also try violence:

Your foot goes clean through the wood of the door causing you to lose balance. As you fall forwards you impale your anal sphincter on a very sharp splinter of wood, resulting in massive internal injuries and severe bleeding.
You’ve curled your toes.
Phase 1 (Awakening)
Mode: Normal
You have scored 20 (out of 1670) points in 20

This puzzle remains unsolved.

The last thing you can find is a balcony outside, with a plot revelation:

You are standing on a narrow balcony, surrounded on two sides by a short metal railing. There is an exit to the west and a fire escape leading down from the unfenced side of the balcony. Unfortunately the flight of steps leading down from the balcony has been destroyed, however the remainder of the fire escape appears to be useable. A short distance from the bottom of the last flight of steps is a mound of rubble obscuring a doorway.
Your prominent position commands a tremendous view. Below you is a large grassy area surrounded by a tall wire fence. Set in the middle of the grass is a large tarmac circle with an H painted on it.
You are obviously on an island as there is sea in all directions beyond a sheer drop after the high fence. You appear to be about 50 metres above sea level.

This was a nice moment of plot; while I found myself falling off a cliff when trying to sneak through the fence, it wasn’t clear how things really looked outside the complex. Now it seems we need to secure some sort of vehicle (boat? helicopter? experimental teleportation gizmo?) to make our escape.

The rope can tie to the metal railing so you can climb down to reach the fire escape I mentioned last time, but the rope’s knot unties in the process so it is a one-way trip.

As you climb down the rope the badly tied knot comes undone. You land on the fire escape with a slight jolt.

Doing all this left me with the photograph puzzle and the security door with a slot.

Absolute darkness is essential
1. Use five parts water to one part developer.
2. Use ten parts water to one part fixer.

Both turned out to be connected. I needed a little help with the photograph. I had tried:

a.) mixing some fluid and water to make a solution

b.) making things dark (there’s a couple ways you can do this, the easiest is closing the door where the photograph is)

c.) putting the photograph in the solution

d.) taking out the photograph

The photograph ended up being too faint. I assumed I needed fixer.

The trick here is that there is no fixer, but if you avoid touching the photograph early you can keep it from getting damaged. Use the container itself that the photograph comes in to mix together the solution of water and developer, and only then take the photograph out.

This pass quite easily then solved the locked door mystery.

-> put photograph in slot
The screen of the only functioning monitor works momentarily, it displays a
picture of a room containing a joystick topped by a yellow button mounted
underneath a smashed television monitor. The floor of the room is covered with
dust and rubble.
-> open door
-> w
You are in a large room that has obviously been used to store armourments as
there is a distinct smell of gun oil and cordite. There is an armoured door to
the east.
Exits: –E- ——– —
There is a thermonuclear device here
There is a laser cannon here
There is a sharp bayonet here

More on that joystick in a second. The devices were of course tantalizing, but the laser cannon doesn’t work (you can examine to see “a round orifice in the end of the cannon” so maybe that gets filled with something). The thermonuclear device, which I switched on with glee, doesn’t work. (Old-school adventuring involves hunting for deaths and trying to collect all of them. Sometimes they contain clues.) The sharp bayonet, well, it also worked in the keyhole upstairs, but I haven’t found a use for it yet.

This led to my last discovery, the joystick seen on the monitor. It relates to this gizmo:

The camera-like object is now pointing directly at you. Now visible on its face
is a badge upon which is written:
Ferret security systems (laser division)
and a dial which is set to Multi-zap mega-death. Just as you take in these
details the laser energizes and burns out both of your eyes. The laser however
is not content with just blinding you, and continues burning into your skull,
vaporizing your brain.

On the east end of the corridor on the same floor as the armory there is a camera that slowly zeroes in on you before killing you. It turns out you can get it to shoot prematurely. Heading back to the floor with the long-last tins of food:

You are in a featureless corridor. There is a large quantity of rubble and dust piled up against the north wall.
Exits: —W ——– —
-> n
No way to go.
-> move rubble with shovel
You appear to have uncovered an exit to the north.
-> n
Control Room
You are in a room containing electronic equipment. There is a barely audible hum in the room. On the north wall is a smashed television screen. Mounted underneath the monitor is a joystick. Set in the top of the joystick is a yellow button. The floor is covered with dust and rubble.

(Thinking about the monitor display led me here — there isn’t anything airtight that said the room had to be here, but the spot was technically empty on my map and I suspected if any room was connected with the other monitor it would be “geographically close”, so to speak. The rooms are directly on top of each other.)

The joystick is stuck and doesn’t work, but you can still push the button. The first time I tried, when trying to leave the control room I died in an ambiguous way:

The world is becoming very dark, your concentration is wandering.
Your concentration has done a bunk, closely followed by your soul.

What really happens here is that the camera/laser is facing towards the ceiling, so when it fires it destroys that floor, and you fall to your death. So you need to intentionally wait a moment for the camera to zero in on you and point farther down, and then it is safe to press the button. This apparently (according to Voltgloss) resets the pattern of the camera, giving some more safe turns, but the yellow button can only be pushed once.

Assuming the button is pressed at the correct moment, the door to the outside gets busted open:

You are in a featureless corridor. There are some shattered door remains hanging in an open doorway to the east.
Exits: NSEW ——– —
The camera-like object continues its downward track.
-> e
You are standing on a large tarmac circle in the grounds of a large building. It is just possible to discern a large H painted on the tarmac. There are some shattered door remains hanging in an open doorway to the west. There is a wooden stake in the ground near a small gap in a continuous high fence to the east. There is a signpost here.
Exits: NSEW ——– —

The annoying thing is (other than the slightly longer camera survival time) this doesn’t do anything useful. It would be nice to blast again and destroy whatever is at the large H, maybe opening a passage below? I could see perhaps opening the large door first making it work, but I haven’t had any luck.

Still lots to experiment with, and please, if you figure out the wooden door with the blocked keyhole, drop a line in the comments.

A map showing the outside grounds with new connections from blasting the door and climbing in from above via rope.

(Almost forgot: I solved the plate-on-the-floor puzzle via inserting a hook and turning it. This lets you in a cellar with nothing in it. I assume the cellar comes into play later?)

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  1. A couple of addenda to the above-discussed items, plus a few other (minor?) observations that I’ll ROT13:

    1. The thermonuclear device *does* actually work. It ticks only briefly and then stops if you pull its lever, but it’s actually still silently counting down, as about 50 to 60 turns later I was treated to magnificent explosive death. (Upon discovering this, I tried arming and dropping the device on the main floor and then hiding in the suspiciously empty Cellar with the plate closed to see if I could ride out the blast from a possibly “safe” place. Nope, died anyway.)

    2. The thing blocking the wooden door’s keyhole from the inside apparently *is* a key; you can see it if you put something in the keyhole and then “look through gap” (the narrow gap under the door). This hasn’t changed my suspicion that the door wants some kind of violent or otherwise off-the-wall solution instead of the classic Zork approach.

    3. Va gur pbeevqbef ba gur sybbe jvgu gur gvaarq sbbq, gurer vf n ynetr obhyqre (gung pna or vagrenpgrq jvgu, nygubhtu V unira’g qbar fb cebqhpgviryl lrg) oybpxvat jrfgreyl npprff gb jung pbhyq or nabgure pbhcyr bs ebbzf. Naq sebz gur “znva” fgnvejryy ba gur bgure fvqr, gurer’f n pbzzrag gung gurer *hfrq* gb or na rkvg gb gur rnfg. V jbaqre vs rvgure bs gubfr pbhyq or oernpurq, cnegvphyneyl vs jr pna svther bhg gur ynfre pnaaba, tvira gung gur vsjvxv cntr fcrpvsvpnyyl zragvbaf “sver gur ynfre pnaaba ng gur jrfg jnyy” nf n pbzznaq gur tnzr erpbtavmrf.

    4. Vs lbh “gvr ebcr gb fgnxr” juvyr bhgfvqr ng gur tnc va gur srapr, naq gura tb rnfg pneelvat gur ebcr, lbh… fgvyy snyy naq qvr, nf “gur fgnxr fancf qhr gb lbhe znffvir ohyx.” Guvf rira vs lbh’er abg pneelvat nalguvat ryfr orfvqrf gur ebcr. Orgjrra guvf, gur tnzr’f erfcbafr gb “syl,” naq gur tnzr’f erfcbafr gb “erzbir pybgurf,” V nz unys-dhrfgvbavat gur nffhzrqyl uhzna angher bs bhe ningne.

    5. Gur pnaqyr pna or oebxra, yrnivat yhzcf bs jnk naq n fubeg fgevat (pbhyq or hfrshy yngre, znlor nsgre jr’ir hfrq gur pnaqyr nf n yvtug fbhepr?). Gur gjb obggyrf naq gur ornxre pna nyfb or oebxra, yrnivat oruvaq qvssreragyl-pbyberq oebxra tynff. Rngvat oebxra tynff cebirf sngny. (Lrf V’ir tbggra qrfcrengr jul qb lbh nfx)

  2. I have only just opened this up but it is already apparent that at least one of the authors is a Monty Python fan: “Shan’t, replied Algy teasingly.”
    That is from Graham Chapman’s jokey homage to Captain W.E. John’s Biggles stories in the Brand New Monty Python Bok.

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  4. One bug I have found. You can DROP CLOTHES but they are not an actual object and they don’t appear, clad or not. You can them take them again but not wear them. They naturally won’t appear in your inventory. I though maybe “clothes” was being interpreted as “cloth” as the game only parses the first five letters but that appears not to be the case.

  5. Randomly trying verbs, I typed SEPARATE and got the message “Divide Mode is enabled.” Apparently DIVIDE does the same. I haven’t yet determined what Divide Mode does. (Nor any further puzzle progress as of yet.)

    Almost thought I was onto something with TEAR FOLDER and seeing that the purple folder still existed but in a torn state. Would this now fit under the wooden door and do the trick? No, sadly; it still doesn’t fit, and TEARing it a second time reduces it to confetti that immediately blows away – just like how when you set fire to something combustible (other than, so far, the match or candle), the item gets reduced to ash that immediately blows away.

  6. I haven’t had much chance to play this but today I had a run at it and I am very impressed. Aside from the healthy parser and the complete lack of typos and grammatical errors it is a very interesting scenario.
    I have just worked out how to ascend the ladder and have also reached the wooden door. I guess this is the old Zork II keyhole, key, thin pointed object and mat trick but I have only tried the charred papers under the door so far and no joy there despite the reassuring “thunk” from the other side. I also tried dropping the steel drums on to the masonry but no joy there either; still, early days yet. Incidentally, typing “plugh” elicits an extremely odd response. I have the feeling the authors were not aficionados of Zork or Adventure.

    • Joseph Nuccio over at the Facebook group just asked the authors for a hint on the door, so we’ll see where that goes.

      I may do an “everyone dogpile on the door puzzle” post tonight.

  7. Tiny box, leaflet, hook and paper all fit under the door but no joy. I thought maybe the labels were self adhesive and you could stick them on to another object’s surface and then slide them under the door but no dice.

  8. I see magnet is a known noun. Shame there isn’t one around.

  9. I think there this is a bug if you TEAR PAPER and then X PAPER:
    ” On closer inspection, you notice a small red lever mounted on top of the device. Under the lever is a little quartz window.” This seems to happen at any location.

    • Yeah, that must be a bug. The lever language properly appears when you examine the thermonuclear device. I got a similar bug where TEARing things and examining the results (I forget which item now – I’ll have to recreate) gave back a description of the candle while lit (even if the candle is not in fact lit).

  10. I just tried KICK DOOR and died with splinters in my arris. So the door can’t be that strong.

  11. Has anyone worked out why you die when pressing the yellow button and moving south from the control room?

    • I mention this, sort of — it is where the laser is aiming. If it doesn’t have much time to “pan down” it is aimed at the ceiling and otherwise it gets aimed at the door exit. (I believe those are the only two possibilities, but I haven’t tested every position.)

      So if it blasts the ceiling, then there is no more floor outside the room with the yellow button and you fall to your death.

  12. Yes; two pans downwards and the laser must strike a wall or something else as you can safely exit the control room thereafter.

  13. In fact it destroys the door to the east of the camera enabling you to move past it and onto the tarmac circle. For this you gain thirty points although going back west past the camera still fries you. Together with being able to descend the rope from the balcony and go in through the window (if you remember to open it first from the other side) into the reception room allows more freedom of movement. Still stuck though.

  14. I thought it might be handy to catalogue the actions that have scored points so far. They’re all arriving at particular locations (with a possibly interesting footnote as to the last):

    (5) reach Resuscitation Chamber [emerge from the starting pod]
    (5) reach Chemical Store [fix the air conditioning]
    (5) reach Armoury [develop and use the photo]
    (10) reach Dusty Room [set up and climb the ladder]
    (5) reach Control Room [dig out the hidden entrance upstairs]
    (5) reach Balcony [access the top floor]
    (30) reach Grounds [with tarmac] *after* destroying the front door

    The “footnote” about scoring 30 for reaching the Grounds with the tarmac: if you go there *without* having destroyed the front door – by going around through the window and fire escape – you don’t earn any points. You only get points by going there *after* the door is destroyed. Nor do you need to actually *go through the door* to do this; if you destroy the door and then get to the Grounds via climbing down the fire escape from the top floor, you still get 30 points when you arrive.

    I also realized, by meticulously checking the “Rooms visited” count when typing SCORE, that “room with camera before destroying door” and “room with camera after destroying door” are actually two different rooms. The same holds true for “grounds with tarmac before destroying door” and “grounds with tarmac after destroying door.” Pushing the yellow button (after appropriate setup with the camera) swaps out the “door intact” versions of those locations with “door destroyed” versions of those locations. A relevant nuance? No idea!

  15. Interesting. The thermonuclear device will not pass through the Reception Room window. And you can’t seem to carry it up the step ladder either (at least, I get a wonky bugged message when trying to do so, and don’t actually go upstairs).

    So to get the device outside, you *have* to destroy the front door with the camera and yellow button.

    Is that the goal we’re trying to pursue? Something relevant using the device outside the building?

  16. ha ha ha ha ha

    Facebook suspended my account, apparently disliking the discussion about Ferret, because I literally made the account to join the Ferret group and that is the *only* activity on my account

    so yeah, if there’s breakthroughs there, someone let me know because I can’t see it

    • Will do! (and no, there haven’t been any breakthroughs yet, pretty much the same discussion over there as here)

      • let this be an example to fellow questers: be circumspect about describing the events in the game on Facebook because Ferret is apparently too spicy a game for Facebook to tolerate

  17. OK I have sent some bugs into the Ferret authors and in return they chave confirmed that the wooden door is a “poisson d’avril” as they say in French.

  18. I note that you can only remove two of three items from the armoury in one visit; is it necessary to go back for the third item or does anyone think that one of them is redundant?

    • Based on things I’ve seen, I’d give 95% odds that two Armoury visits are indeed necessary. And 5% odds that the things I’ve seen leading me to say that are actually yet another carefully constructed “wooden door.”

  19. Yes I note that you can put the bayonet in the orifice of the cannon but still only pick up the same number of items. I have tried inserting various items in said orifice but it stubbornly refuses to work. I have moved on and am now outside on the tarmac circle with the rope, tins, opener, cannon, oars and bayonet and with the window open and the rope tied to the stake. I can get back inside to get to the device but have no idea where you are supposed to leave it after activation. Now that we know about the wooden door it will always be at the back of people’s minds that any hard puzzle may in fact also be unsolvable.

    • I’m confused as to what you are saying about the armory. The bomb is heavy (and must be carried alone) but not the other two items.

      -> i
      You are carrying:
      a laser cannon
      a sharp bayonet
      a plastic canister
      which contains
      a yellow solution

      re: where the place the device:

      bhgfvqr jurer gur u vf

      fvapr vg jba’g tb guebhtu gur jvaqbj be hc gur ynqqre guvf vf jul gur sebag qbbe arrqf gb or oynfgrq bcra

  20. Thanks for the heads up. I am guessing U Sbe U Obzo.

  21. I can make it to the beach but have no idea which items I need. Presumably the bnef but as that is all you can carry it must entail several journeys back and forth through the ynolevaguf.

    • Two sort-of-hints, although they might be pulling another giant red herring with #1 and #2 might be technically unnecessary:

      1. Gur plyvaqre tbrf jvgu gur ynfre pnaaba.

      2. Vg’f fnsr gb jnyx va qnexarff nf ybat nf lbh nera’g gelvat gb tb hc be qbja. Guvf tvirf lbh n yvggyr rkgen gvzr sbe gbgvat vgrzf vs hfrq fgengrtvpnyyl.

  22. Gur bayl bofgnpyr V unir vf gung V arire frrz gb unir rabhtu gvzr gb olcnff gur pnzren. Lbh unir gb tb cnfg bapr, trg gur qrivpr, tb cnfg ntnva, qebc vg. trg gur pnaaba, tb cnfg ntnva, bcra gur jvaqbj naq rira vs V unir whfg bar cna yrsg orsber chfuvat gur lryybj ohggba V arire unir rabhtu cnffrf orsber trggvat xvyyrq. V unir gevrq nyy qnl. Gur bayl jnl V pna qb vg vf ol yrnivat gur pnaaba oruvaq.

    • I was able to bring the pnaaba and the bnef to the beach via the following general sequence:

      1. Tb cnfg gur pnzren gb gur Nezbhel
      2. Oevat gur pnaaba naq onlbarg bhg cnfg gur pnzren naq yrnir gurz va gur pbeevqbe gb gur jrfg (bs gur pnzren)
      3. Tb onpx gb gur Nezbhel
      4. Oevat gur qrivpr cnfg gur pnzren naq yrnir vg va gur pbeevqbe gb vgf jrfg
      5. Tb gb gur wblfgvpx naq cerff gur lryybj ohggba (guvf abg bayl oybjf bcra gur sebag qbbe, vg nyfb cnegvnyyl erfrgf gur pnzren gvzre)
      6. Tb cnfg gur pnzren guebhtu gur qbbe, pneelvat gur qrivpr
      7. Chyy gur qrivpr yrire, yrnir vg bhgfvqr, naq tb onpx vafvqr cnfg gur pnzren pneelvat gur bnef

      Fb V *arire* hfrq gur Erprcgvba Ebbz jvaqbj, NAQ V *arire* jrag gb gur gbc sybbe ng nyy. Gung ynfg ovg obguref zr orpnhfr V’z zvffvat gur 5 cbvagf sbe ivfvgvat gur gbc sybbe Onypbal, fb znlor gung’f n fvta V’z ba gur jebat genpx? Ohg V’z ng yrnfg noyr, guebhtu fbzr onpx-naq-sbegu vgrz whttyvat qbja vagb gur Pryyne naq guebhtu gur Ynolevagu jvgu pnershy znantrzrag bs gur pnaqyr’f gvzr, gb sreel obgu gur bnef naq gur pnaaba (naq n pbhcyr bs nqqvgvbany fznyy vgrzf) gb gur ebjobng.

    • here’s my order

      1. eha ol gb gur nezbel naq teno gur onlbarg naq pnaaba
      2. tb fbhgu gb bcra gur jvaqbj
      3. yrnir gb gur jrfg naq tb qb gur yrire/ohggba guvat
      4. riraghnyyl yrnir guebhtu gur ebbs naq qb gur ebcr/envyvat guvat, guvf yrnirf gur ynqqre ba gur frpbaq sybbe ohg gung’f svar
      5. gur pnzren erfrg qhr gb gur ohggba orvat cerffrq, naq lbh bayl arrq guerr zber gheaf — bapr gb cnff ol gb gur nezbel naq cvpx hc gur obzo, bapr gb chg gur obzo bhgfvqr, naq bapr zber gvzr gb jnyx onpx vafvqr gur ohvyqvat

      • But how do you pneel obgu gur pnaaba naq gur bnef qbja gur fgnvepnfr gb gur Pryyne? V pnaabg gnxr gurz obgu ng gur fnzr gvzr naq V pnaabg tb onpx hc gur Pryyne bapr V’z qbja. Am I missing something?

      • Nevermind, I realized the problem. Lbh unir gb pybfr gur cyngr gura bcra vg ntnva gb or noyr gb pyvzo hc. Probably a bug.

  23. Have you noticed that there is some thing that happens 500 turns after you do some other thing..? I think it is unlikely that the effect is useful though.

  24. Here’s a distinctly weird one. I am attempting to carry the device up the ladder from the studio, typing u elicits:
    “Your activities wake the monk who stretches and starts to rise.”

    • Yup, I sent that in as a bug report (using the email provided via the BUG command). Haven’t heard back from the authors – as they’re responding to you, is there a different email I should be using?

  25. I hadn’t but it doesn’t surprise me. The authors seem surprised at the bugs I am sending them but they are very decent about it.

  26. V qba’g guvax vg’f cbffvoyr gb trg gur qrivpr vagb gur gneznp pvepyr naq gur pnaaba vagb gur znvagranapr ebbz, juvyr univat bcrarq gur jvaqbj nf jryy va srj rabhtu zbirf cnfg gur pnzren gb nibvq trggvat xvyyrq rira nsgre chfuvat gur lryybj ohggba. Gur pnzren arire erfrgf vgfrys gb vgf bevtvany cbfvgvba nsgre cerffvat gur ohggba. Vs V pbhyq gnxr gur qrivpr hc gur ynqqre naq qbja gb gur sver rfpncr vg jbhyq or cbffvoyr ohg V pna’g. Vg’f nyjnlf bar cnff gbb znal.

    • Have you tried Jason’s sequence above? I just tested it and it works to do what you’re trying to do (and gets full points, which my sequence doesn’t).

  27. I spent much too much time on this, so here is a spoiler about item weights. No major gameplay reveals if you are <= 65 points. ROT-13.

    V jebgr n ERNQSVYR gung pbyyrpgf nyzbfg nyy cbegnoyr vgrzf gung V xabj bs ba gur vfynaq (orsber cresbezvat n irel enqvpny npgvba) va bar cynpr. Rkprcgvbaf vapyhqr gur cnve bs bnef naq gur fgrc ynqqre. Gura V gevrq znal znal pbzovangvbaf gb frr jung V pbhyq svther bhg nobhg gurve jrvtugf. V unir abg oehgrsbeprq zl jnl guebhtu rirel cbffvoyr pbzovangvba, fb gurer zvtug or zber gb qvfpbire, naq bar pbhyq nyfb qb zber jbex ba ubj urnil gur vgrzf ner eryngvir gb rnpu bgure, trggvat pybfre gb svther bhg na npghny jrvtug yvfg (va % bs pneelvat pncnpvgl).

    Gur yvfgvat tbrf sebz gur yvtugrfg vgrzf gb gur urnivrfg. Gur yvarf frcnengr gur vgrzf va gvref. Gur vagreany beqre bs gur vgrzf va n gvre vf abg xabja, gurl zvtug rira unir vqragvpny jrvtug. V znl unir znqr n zfvgnxr be gjb, ohg vg fubhyq or zbfgyl pbeerpg.

    n fubeg yratgu bs fgevat
    na byq cubgbtencu
    n gval obk
    n zngpu

    n gva bcrare
    n fgnvarq yrnsyrg

    n furrg bs cncre

    n checyr sbyqre (rzcgl)
    fbzr ynoryf

    n checyr sbyqre jvgu cncre
    n funec onlbarg

    fbzr puneerq cncref
    n terra obggyr (rzcgl)
    n oebja obggyr (rzcgl)

    fbzr terra tynff
    fbzr oebja tynff
    fbzr cvrprf bs jnk

    fbzr haynoryyrq gvaf (rzcgl)
    n zrgny ubbx
    n pelfgny fcurer
    n fyvz pnaqyr

    n fznyy ornxre (rzcgl)
    n cynfgvp pnavfgre jvgu n lryybj fbyhgvba

    n cynfgvp pnavfgre jvgu lryybj fbyhgvba naq cubgb

    fbzr oebxra tynff
    fbzr puneerq obbxf

    inevbhf obkrf

    n pbvy bs ebcr
    fbzr zbhgu-jngrevat sbbq
    n ynetr obk (rzcgl)
    n fubiry

    n ynfre pnaaba (haybnqrq)

    n fgrc ynqqre

    fbzr fgrry qehzf
    n gurezbahpyrne qrivpr

    Urer ner fbzr pbzovangvbaf gung ner yrsg bhg bs gur yvfg, gurer ner cebonoyl zber:
    terra obggyr (j lryybj syhvq)
    ebcr + ynqqre
    pnavfgre (rzcgl)
    pnavfgre (jvgu cubgb ohg jvgubhg syhvq/fbyhgvba)
    gvaf jvgu sbbq va

    Abgr gung vg frrzf gung gur funeqf bs obggyrf naq ornxre vapernfrf va jrvtug pbzcnerq gb gur haoebxra vgrz.

    • Sorry, obviously(?) that should have read “No major gameplay reveals if you are >= 65 points”. :(

    • Continued about items from above…

      V frr gung V pbhyq oevat gur bnef sbe gur cevpr bs yrnivat gur puneerq obbxf. Guvf vf jung zl npgvba frdhrapr oevatf gb gur Znvagranapr Ebbz:

      Znvagranapr Ebbz
      Lbh ner va n fznyy qhfgl ebbz. Gurer vf n ynetr fgrry cyngr frg va gur sybbe.
      Gurer vf n fznyy bcravat arne bar rqtr bs gur cyngr. Gur cyngr vf pybfrq.
      Gurer ner fbzr vagrerfgvat bowrpgf urer:
      n terra obggyr
      n oebja obggyr
      n pbvy bs ebcr
      n fubiry
      n checyr sbyqre
      n gurezbahpyrne qrivpr
      n ynfre pnaaba
      n funec onlbarg
      n fznyy ornxre
      n cynfgvp pnavfgre
      juvpu pbagnvaf
      n lryybj fbyhgvba
      fbzr haynoryyrq gvaf
      n gva bcrare
      na byq cubgbtencu
      n ynetr obk
      n fgnvarq yrnsyrg
      fbzr fgrry qehzf
      inevbhf obkrf
      n pelfgny fcurer
      fbzr ynoryf
      fbzr zbhgu-jngrevat sbbq
      n zrgny ubbx
      n fyvz pnaqyr
      n gval obk
      n zngpu
      n cnve bs jbbqra bnef
      fbzr puneerq cncref

      Lrf, V xabj V jnag gur “qrivpr” va nabgure cynpr gb zbir ba jvgu guvatf, ohg guvf vf whfg sbe gur jrvtuvat pbzcnevfba checbfr.

  28. I now have 65 points;I am not sure why I had an extra move past the camera this time as I have checked a game play and the moves are identical; maybe I had saved so often the counter was somehow compromised and using an earlier one wasn’t. Anyway I am now contemplating whiuch items to take down into the cellar.

  29. My candle gave out but luckily I had previously mapped the ynolevaguf so I could go back and forth and amass the items in the dark on the ornpu.

  30. Has anyone been back and forth in the ynolevaguf? It appears you can’t in the dark as you fall and die when moving d onto the ramp. As you need to make more than one trip I muast be missing something.

    • Yes, you can do at least two trips (I haven’t tried more) by gnxvat rirelguvat lbh arrq hc gur enzc (gur 5gu ebbz bs gur ynolevagu) orsber gur pnaqyr tbrf bhg.

      • Spoilers for optimization of bringing as many items as possible through section discussed. Should not be relevant if you have less than 85/95 points.
        Jvgu pnershy gvzvat V pna znantr gb znxr sbhe ehaf (yvtug pnaqyr nf yngr nf cbffvoyr, oevat qbja guvatf sbhe gvzrf, pybfr gur cyngr rknpgyl va gvzr sbe gur gurezbahpyrne rirag gura oevat guvatf sbhe gvzrf guebhtu ynolevagu gb nobir gur enzc, ynfg gvzr qbja gur enzc zhfg or znqr <50 gheaf nsgre yvtugvat gur pnaqyr) jvgu fvk rkgen npgvba gheaf ninvynoyr. Ohg guvf vf whfg bar vgrz cre "ongpu", fb sbhe vgrzf gbgny, jvgu fvk npgvba gheaf yrsg bire. Oevatvat rkgen vgrzf vf pbfgyl va gheaf, fb hayrff gurer ner sbhe irel urnil vgrzf jr ner cebonoyl orggre bss jvgu guerr ehaf naq zber gvzr gb trg/qebc guvatf. Trg/qebc nyy bayl hfrf 1 ghea, ohg trg nyy pna or qvssvphyg gb hfr bcgvznyyl orpnhfr bs fgnpxvat vffhrf – zber rkcrevzragngvba arrqrq.

  31. On attempting to retrace my steps from the beach to the cellar I always see to die when going d from the ramp in the dark. It appears you can traverse level tunnels but not the ramps in darkness.

    • Qba’g tb nyy gur jnl gb gur ornpu, qebc lbhe fghss vafvqr gur znmr, nsgre gur enzc. V whfg grfgrq naq lbh pna znxr guerr gevcf onpx gb gur Pryyne. Nsgre gung, lbh pna tb onpx naq sbegu orgjrra gur ornpu naq gur enzc ebbz gb trg gur fghss lbh oebhtug hc.

  32. The problem is you have to decide which objects to take through the bottleneck. Boivbhfyl gur bnef naq gur pnaaba ohg sbbq? Fcurer? Gur terra obggyr cerfhznoyl arrqf svyyvat jvgu jngre sebz gure oneery ba gur ornpu.Onlbarg? Qehzf? Lbh trg zl qevsg (ab cha vagraqrq).

  33. Lrf, bs pbhefr. Fb sne V’ir gevrq gb tvir nyy gubfr vgrzf gb gur byq zna ohg abar jbexrq (vapyhqvat gur obggyr shyy bs jngre). Rkprcg sbe gur qehzf, orpnhfr V pnaabg guvax bs nal jnl gb trg vg qbja gur Pryyne—lbh pna’g pneel gur qehzf naq gur pnaqyr ng gur fnzr gvzr, naq lbh arrq gur pnaqyr gb or noyr gb trg qbja gb gur Pryyne.

  34. V unira’g rira sbhaq gur byq zna! Jurer vf ur?

  35. Ah you are ahead of me. I am still on the beach and realising yoy can’t fill the terra obggyr jvgu jngre. I have done some preliminary sailing. This section, as Jason pointed out, is very reminiscent of the oceans in Warp. Reefs, fog, sandbanks; we only need a galleon firing at us, the edge of the world and a great white to complete the simiularity.

  36. It says something along the lines of “Slippery stuff this water. Whoops. I think you’ve lost that forever, probably” if you attempt to fill the green bottle from the oneery. All this pre-supposes that you even need it later on, of course.

  37. I love the reference to Michael Foot! To the non-English out there he was leader of the Labour Party in the UK from 1980-1983, famous for his donkey jacket and crumpled appearance; a real old school Communist. I never agreed with his politics but at least he was an idealogue and not a modern shiny politician who believes in nothing but making money.

  38. Oba gur vfynaq

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