IFComp 2022 Has Begun   1 comment

I know there’s a significant amount of crossover, but not everyone reading this will have heard yet, so

IFComp 2022 Games Are Out

being the interactive fiction competition that has run since 1995.

71 selections this time around. Only 21 of them parser, but I’m guessing some of the energy for that went over to ParserComp 2022 which finished not too long ago.

Still too many to finish them all, but remember, to vote, you only need to have played five of them!

Cover art from four of the games.

Posted October 2, 2022 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction, Video Games

One response to “IFComp 2022 Has Begun

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  1. I am playing some entréis. I have also played in IFMUD two entréis. There is a Big, great stuff.

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