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I’ve got something complicated next on the docket, so something simple to precede it seemed wise. “Simple” describes any Greg Hassett game we’ve seen so far, including Journey to Atlantis.

Remember, he wrote his works between the ages of 12 and 14. This one’s not in the Matter Hatter Catalog which suggests he wrote it fifth, published after all the games listed there. Except! There are two versions, one which states it is by Greg Hassett, and the other based on his pseudonym:

This suggests it might be an earlier game (from 1978) that didn’t get polished up for publication until a year later. It’s yet another treasure hunt, except this time everything is underwater!

Click the map to enlarge.

Most of the game is encapsulated above. There are no wandering or dynamic characters. There are no room descriptions and not much in the way of hidden actions. The enemies (marked with a star) do not move, and just prevent the player from taking any items in the room they are in.

I know a lot of y’all just zip by the maps I post, but for this one I’d like you to linger a moment. Imagine you are walking (or swimming) about, and try to “play through” for a bit. An entire story, albeit an implicit one with a variety of routes, is described via the map.

The thing that’s lacking in a “paper run” of this game is a knowledge of how to defeat the various enemies. For example, I have defeated the octopus, but the squid must take some other approach. That’s unclear without experimentation. Still, there’s not that many tools to muck about with, so I expect I’ll have this one finished by my next post.

This is from the manual for the game.

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3 responses to “Journey to Atlantis (1979)

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  1. Squads hate loud noises, and put shot in gun, so maybe put shotput in old cannon and fire it in the squid room? Perhaps by saying POW?

    • Hah, close! I did manage to finish this, so:

      The gun doesn’t move (it’s also pointed at a fixed position, which turns out to be the electric eel room).

      Saying pow doesn’t work (I dunno what all those hints were about) but yelling does.

      • Well, under the loud noises hint it says “W O P T O N” which is “not pow” spelled backwards, and “Lee said POW and died” seems like a hint that POW won’t work, so I can’t say he’s not playing fair there.

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