IFComp 2015: Much Love, BJP   1 comment

By Megan Stevens. Finished on computer.


Let me get this out of the way first: the structure and interaction aren’t too enthralling:


So let’s talk about the story instead. It’s built of artifacts; a father has collected his daughter’s newspaper writings from different countries.

It is very fragmentary. I was often unclear what was going on. I know enough about Syria to give context to the screenshot at the start of this review, but it still comes off as a photograph of a story rather than a sequence of action. There are other passages suggestive in themselves but they don’t carry anywhere.

But at a time like this, in a place like this, justice is scarce for women. Worst of all, there was nothing Cat or I could do to help except stand back and let her try to reenter life.

At the end, Much Love details how the story is based on the life of war correspondent Marie Colvin. I found her brief biography the most compelling part of the work, which indicates to me the wrong story is being told. Perhaps this would have been better as interactive non-fiction?

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