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Congrats to B.J. Best for obtaining first place with And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One.

The game is hard to describe in a genre sense other than “meta”; you’re playing something called “Infinite Adventures” with a friend named Riley that generates mini-adventures, but then you can step outside the mini-adventure to the “real world”, and then go to other games in that same computer system, and then–

Look, just try it. It’s good.

The full list is here. One caveat is that there the IFComp site — rather than linking to a download — links to the IFDB entry, but right now not all the IFDB entries have playing links. You can download everything as a complete set, though.

(Incidentally, B.J. Best also got 6th place with an Aventuron game, a system I do recommend highly. Everything by default feels like a warm fuzzy C64 game, or maybe Atari ST.)

Posted November 20, 2021 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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