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Short update today, but any superfans (or just regular fans) of Alkemstone may enjoy

the new Google Sheet, linked here, with every image and theories placed next to them.

It’s everyone-can-edit so feel free to annotate to your heart’s content. I’ll go back sometime next week and squeeze in some of the older observations.

Casey Muratori (who made the interactive map last year) also has made a Github archive for Alkemstone.

I don’t want get too deeply into clue theories at the moment from the previous thread (there’s quite a few), but Christopher Drum’s observation that the Einstein statue has a star map is surely worth mentioning, and that it shows the stars at April 22, 1979 at noon — when the statue was dedicated. There are enough astrology references it feels relevant.

In fact, if you want to make a giant leap in the dark that is almost certainly wrong:

– start from April 22 (it is “just past winter” yet within Easter-range as hinted at other clues)

– go to the Washington Monument (which Andrew McCarthy observed is roughly a tenth of a mile high matching the DENVER/10 clue and acts like a sundial)

– wait for some particular time for the peak of the shadow to hit a particular spot

– search at the spot!

But what time? Noon won’t exactly work. The most obvious time reference is “TIME IS RELATIVE BUT SEVEN HOURS SHOULD BE ENOUGH” — seven hours starting from what time?

The search continues! (Also, I will be playing other games, and giving updates at intervals rather than just writing about Alkemstone.)

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  1. I believe the time intended is likely either 7:00 AM or 7:00 PM: that is, seven hours after the start of a day’s two twelve-hour time periods. Checking both of those would explain the “Seemanns-warnung” clue (“red skies at night” or “at morning”), as well as the “144” clue (12×12).

  2. To me picture 8 (Denver/10) looks like a scoreboard. Three years prior to the release of the game the Broncos lost their first Superbowl they had appeared in: and scored 10 points. They lost to Dallas (who scored 27, but I imagine that is immaterial since the puzzle creators wouldn’t have control over that and they only had one really obvious Denver sports game to choose from, that Superbowl. Could be though). Perhaps a stretch, but with the repeated clue JFK, Dallas was where JFK was assassinated as well.

  3. So, I really think one of two things: One, the clues are all meant to lead you down a path you are meant to follow to get to the end in Washington DC, and two: there is at least a portion related to the basin and hain’s point. Also maybe baseball? But I can’t prove it.
    The clue of Taylor walking down the basin makes sense. There’s also an infamous jefferson memorial viewing point near there. Look between the pillars might mean the pillars of the memorial. There’s also a beach which may be what the don’t smell the salt clue refers to- turn away from the beach?
    Lastly, there’s baseball fields there. The first one on google maps is field #6. May be the reference of “the first is the sixth”. And then anothet reference “Wherever you roam it is best to be home”…. like home base. AND it is a place where children play.
    Only thing I don’t know is whether those baseball fields were there in 1981…

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