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With the exception of more Wander games (which I will rotate back to) I am technically done with 1978 for the All the Adventures project. I will be diving into 1979 soon, but I did find some versions of Adventure from 1977/1978 I missed for various reasons.

In two cases I had compilation issues and in one case I can’t find any related files. Can anyone help?

Jim Gillogly, 350 points, 1977. A literal port into C. Given there are no changes I can skip this one.

Bob Supnik, 366 points, 21st of October 1977. While the original source is not available, Stephen Lidie’s port is. Unfortunately it is intended for MacOS and I have not been able to compile it on my Windows Fortran compiler. (Also, this Adventure Family Tree is currently wrong — Lidie’s is 366 rather than 365 points, and it is derived from the Supnik version which isn’t listed at all.)

David Long, 501 points, 1978. Fortran IV source is available, but nobody seems to have compiled it due to it being not compatible with modern Fortran.

Gordon Letwin, 350 points, available by August 1978. This was apparently not a literal port as (for instance) Carolyn VanEseltine reports remembering “an African gray parrot in a pirate aviary, accessible by a rubber raft”. It was available on the Heath personal computer as opposed to a mainframe.

Posted December 31, 2015 by Jason Dyer in Interactive Fiction

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